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Legal services in Montenegro


We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

We offer legal representation before the courts of justice in Montenegro.

Open a company

Complete legal assistance for setting up any type of company in Montenegro.


Do you need a special permit or license for your business in Montenegro? Contact us.

Company liquidation

Our Montenegro law firm can guide you through the entire company liquidation procedure.

Debt Collection

Recover a debt in Montenegro helped by our experienced attorneys.

Tax advice/Planning

We can help you comply with the taxation regulations available in the country.

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Montenegro Law Firm

Montenegro Law Firm

Updated on Tuesday 11th April 2017

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Our law firm in Montenegro provides legal services in all areas of corporate and business Law. Our experienced lawyers are able to prepare legal opinions on a particular legal situation for the clients’ interest, which will contain a description of the situation in legal terms, the legal framework applicable in this case, the lawyer’s resolution on the case and the case law.

Our law firm's experience in this field place them in the leading position and you should ask for our services no matter the legal problem you are facing with.

Our lawyers in Montenegro can formulate and prepare applications, notices, statements or petitions to authorities, institutions or others bodies in the client’s name, in order to protect and defend the legitimate interests of their client.

Choose us for opening your company in Montenegro

Our law firm in Montenegro offers a wide range of legal services to foreign businessmen, from consulting and legal assistance for choosing the legal form of your future business to the areas of activity, the partner bank, the tax system and the headquarters. Our lawyers will also take care of editing the company’s documents and they will assist you in negotiating contracts and registering trademarks.

All these procedures require time and solid knowledge in this field, but choosing to work with us will relieve you from bothering about the legal actions that must be taken, as developing a business requires professional consulting services.


We recover the debts for you

Our Montenegro law firm is able to achieve efficient recovery procedure for claims and debts collection by eliminating the unnecessary steps which don't involve coercive measures on debtors, thus ensuring efficiency and significant reduction in the procedures applied.

Our  Montenegro lawyers ensure the protection of your business for all risks encountered in a debt collection procedure and they guarantee legal practice based on transparency and prompt services to the standards given by the professionalism of the entire team for obtaining the best solution for you.  


Close your company helped by our lawyers in Montenegro

The premises of closing a company in Montenegro may be either voluntary, taken by the company’s management, either compulsory, as a result of a Court decision.

Our  Montenegro law firm is able to handle the company liquidation procedure that may occur in different situations.

Our lawyers in Montenegro will also provide you professional services when the liquidation comes after the declaration of nullity of the company given by the General Assembly or by a Court decision.

Let this procedure come in our lawyers’ responsibility who will guarantee the best solutions for the procedure of closing your company in Montenegro.


We solve any litigation case in Montenegro

Our attorneys in Montenegro provide legal assistance and representation before any Court in Montenegro by offering defence with the proper means and certain techniques developed in many years of practice.  

Our lawyers in Montenegro offer assistance and representation before jurisdictional authorities, public notaries and bailiffs, public administration bodies, institutions and other legal entities or individuals.

By working with us our services will consist not only in the physical presence of the lawyer, but also in drawing the petitions, memoranda , meeting notes or written conclusions that the lawyer may deem necessary and useful in the progress and evolution of the litigation case.


Tax compliance in Montenegro

The nowadays business climate and developing cross-border transactions lead to the need of tax specialists who provide a combination of global and local skills. Our law firm’s practice in Montenegro includes a full range of tax planning, compliance and tax advice. Businessmen who want to find out fast the taxes they must pay in Montenegro are invited to use our tax calculator.

Our law firm’s experience in Montenegro gained from working with a wide range of clients confered us a consolidated position on the market for capital tax strategies in a large variety of situations.

We can also help you take advantage of the Double Tax Treaties signed by Montenegro, as our Montenegro law firm has developed a special department that can guide you for avoiding the double tax, as provided by the official agreements in this field. 

For more details about our legal services, please contact our team of attorneys in Montenegro.


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