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Business Permits and Licenses in Montenegro

Business Permits and Licenses in Montenegro

Updated on Friday 28th July 2017

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Business Permits and Licenses in MontenegroAccording to the Company law in Montenegro, special permits and licenses have to be obtained by companies doing business in certain industries in this country. These business permits and licenses attest that Montenegrin companies meet the requirements for safety working conditions, for manufacturing and selling different products and completing notifications and inspections from the local authorities.

If you want to start a business in Montenegro and need help in obtaining business permits and licenses, you can rely on our law firm in Montenegro.

Industries which require permits and licenses in Montenegro

If you want to invest in Montenegro and start a company, there are certain industries which require permits and licenses for lawfully doing business. These include the following:

•    The construction sector – there are technical requirements for urban development which have to be met in order to build a facility in Montenegro and construction companies must obtain the construction permit from the authorities;
•   Gas and energy sector – special licenses and permits related to the protection of the environment have to be obtained by Montenegrin companies. They are recorded in the Law on the Environment;
•   The financial industry – legal entities involved in banking, insurance and investment funds need special licenses before operating on the market. They are stipulated within the commercial law in Montenegro;
•   The gaming industry and the related services – banking, payments and nominees;
•   The fishery sector – licenses and permits regulate the commercial fishing and sport fishing;
•   The food sector – restaurants and facilities which sell food and foodstuffs need special permits and licensing before operating.

Our lawyers in Montenegro can give you further details on the matter of special permits and licenses which have to be obtained prior to doing business.

Obtaining a construction permit in Montenegro

If you want to open a company in Montenegro in the construction sector, you have to acquire specific permits and licenses from the municipality where you are registered. We provide you with a description of the necessary steps for obtaining a construction permit in Montenegro:

•    Comply with the urban development requirements and obtain the main project study from the municipality;
•   Pay compensation for utilities provision on the construction land – you need to provide the authorities with a proof of legally purchasing the property where you indent to build;
•    Obtain a building permit from the municipality;
•    Receive inspection from the Administration for Inspection Affairs;
•    Obtain water and sewerage connection;
•    Receive technical inspection for building control;
•    Obtain building use permit from the municipality.

Feel free to contact our attorneys in Montenegro if you need legal assistance and advice in obtaining any kind of permit and license, irrespective of the industry you choose to operate in.



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