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Business Start-up Costs in Montenegro

Business Start-up Costs in Montenegro

Updated on Tuesday 18th April 2017

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business start-up costs in montenegro.jpg10.4 businesses are made every year per 1000 people, on average in Montenegro and the country pegged at 8th in terms of start-up business density. This totals to approximately 4,513 new company registrations per year. No wonder opening a business in Montenegro can be a very good decision. If you decide to open your company, it would be important to know the business start-up costs in Montenegro. Our law firm in Montenegro has assisted many clients in starting their businesses. 

Cost of business registration in Montenegro

All start-up companies in Montenegro must register with the Central Register of Business which is under the control of the Tax Administration. The cost of starting a business in Montenegro will depend on the type of business entity that will be opened. For most of the business entities, a registration fee of 10 euros must be paid with the Central Register of Business. For entrepreneurs, there is an additional payment of 12 euros for the publication of its registration with the Official Gazette. This is the same for limited liability companies. For joint stock companies, the registration fee is 50 euros plus a publication fee of 12 euros. Our lawyers in Montenegro can give you more details on the amount of registration fee you need to pay. They have also listed down the types of companies one can incorporate in Montenegro:
  • - Sole trader;
  • - General partnership;
  • - Limited partnership;
  • - Joint stock company;
  • - Limited liability company;
  • - Part of a foreign corporation.

Other costs for business start-ups in Montenegro

Aside from registration fees, there are other costs when opening a business in Montenegro. One is the compliance of the initial capital requirement for joint stock companies. The Commission for Securities requires an initial capital of 25,000 Euros to open of a joint stock company in Montenegro. Another cost is making a stamp and seal for your business, which is used to track records for the company. The fee for a stamp and seal is normally 20 euros. Our Montenegro law firm can give you more information regarding these payments.
Make sure that all business start-up costs in Montenegro are paid when you open your company. You can get in touch with our attorneys in Montenegro to help you with the incorporation procedure.


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