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Corporate Tax in Montenegro

Corporate Tax in Montenegro

Updated on Wednesday 15th February 2017

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According to the law in Montenegro, the income obtained in this country is taxed on residents as well as on foreigners. There is a unique rate of 9% applied on the income of companies, this tax being referred to by the name of corporate tax or company tax. There are also exceptions for income coming from particular types of activities. Our law firm in Montenegro can give all information regarding the taxation of your income in this country.

Main provisions regarding corporate tax in Montenegro

The corporate tax in Montenegro applies to net profits of a company, which means the profits calculated by making the difference between the expenses and income of a business. A corporation owes the payment of the corporate tax to the local government. 
Not all types of companies in Montenegro support the corporate tax. The most common entities that must contribute are the incorporated companies and all foreign enterprises having a permanent establishment in Montenegro, or obtaining profits from Montenegro. 
The corporation tax in Montenegro is calculated annually and must be submitted by the end of April for the previous fiscal year.
The foreign investors in Montenegro paying corporate tax in this country might enter the provisions of double taxation treaties between Montenegro and their country of residence. This might give them the possibility to deduce part of the taxes payed in Montenegro through applying for in their country of residence.  
Our Montenegro lawyers are ready to offer legal assistance to foreign investors who need to comply with the taxation laws in Montenegro

Advantages of corporate tax in Montenegro

The corporate tax in Montenegro offers several advantages to companies, compared to individual income taxes. One such advantage is the possibility of deduction that is offered for the corporate tax. These deductions can cover expenses such as medical insurance for families or retirement plans.
Moreover, the corporate tax makes it much easier for companies to deduct losses. Another important strong point of the corporate tax in Montenegro is the fact it is imposed at a medium-low rate, which allows enterprises to develop fast in this country.  
Don’t hesitate to contact one of our lawyers in Montenegro for further details regarding the application of the corporate tax on your company.


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