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Legislation for Foreign Investments in Montenegro

Legislation for Foreign Investments in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

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Foreign businessmen must familiarize themselves with the legislation related to foreign investments in Montenegro. The investment framework of Montenegro is based on the principles of growth, employment, and exports. The Montenegro government also recognizes the need for foreign investments in order to strengthen its economy that is why it seeks to open its market and provide a level playing field with domestic companies. The main law that governs foreign investments in Montenegro is the Foreign Investment Law. Other significant laws on foreign investments are the Law on Business Organizations and the Foreign Trade Law. Let our attorneys in Montenegro help you familiarize with these laws.

Foreign Investment Law of Montenegro

One of the most important features of the Foreign Investment Law of Montenegro is the definition of a foreign investor. Under the law, a foreign investor is a foreign legal entity whose headquarters is abroad. It can also be a foreign citizen or a Montenegro citizen who has residence abroad or has stayed out of the country for more than one year. A foreign investor can also be a company that is established by a foreigner or one that is at least 25 percent foreign owned. Another important feature of the law is the allowance and easy repatriation of profits by foreign investors. The law also provides for guarantees against expropriation and waiver of customs duty for equipment that are imported for the operation of business. Our Montenegro law firm has helped many clients who were dealing with issues relating to the foreign investment law.

Montenegro Law on Business Organizations

This law governs the establishment of companies in the country. A significant principle under this law for foreign investment in Montenegro is the equal treatment of foreign companies with domestic corporations. This means that foreign investors can own 100% of a domestic corporation and can even own lands in the country with the same rights as the locals. The law also provides for the establishment of foreign company branches in Montenegro. These are branches of companies that are formed and registered outside of Montenegro but conduct business within the territory. Our law firm in Montenegro has assisted many clients in establishing branch offices in the country.

Foreign Trade Law of Montenegro

This law governs the import and export of goods to and from the country. The Foreign Trade Law of Montenegro provides for equal treatment of imported goods and domestic products. This means that as a foreign investor, you will be able to import materials for your business without paying more on duties and taxes than when you purchase a domestic product. This is beneficial for your business. Our Montenegro lawyers can guide on how this process works.
There are other laws governing foreign investments in the country. Our attorneys in Montenegro can provide you with more information on the applicability of these laws.


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