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Open a Liaison Office in Montenegro

Open a Liaison Office in Montenegro

Updated on Thursday 08th February 2018

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A liaison office in Montenegro is a structure through which a foreign entrepreneur can extend his/her headquarters in Montenegro, in order to check the business opportunities in this country. A liaison office is also useful for company owners who have already established branches in Montenegro and who need a representative office in this country. Our law firm in Montenegro can offer you all details regarding the procedure of setting up a liaison office in this country and can inform you on legal means available for company formation in Montenegro.

The activities of an Montenegro representative office  

A representative office or a liaison office in Montenegro can have different functions; however it cannot conduct commercial activities. As such a liaison office cannot issue commercial documents such as invoices or sign contracts with other entities. Its main attribute is to maintain the connection between the headquarters abroad and the local market. 
Through a representative office an investor can perform an analysis of the Montenegro market even if this structure does not actually bring any direct financial gains. A liaison office in Montenegro can help you in building more efficient collaborations with suppliers or clients in this country. Moreover, entrepreneurs can establish a liaison office in Montenegro in order to conduct promotional activities.
Our attorneys in Montenegro are ready to answer your questions concerning the legal status of a liaison office in this country and on the type of activities you can conduct in a representative office in this country.

Incorporation of a representative office in Montenegro 

In order to incorporate a liaison office in Montenegro you don’t need to go through the complete registration process required for commercial entities. The Company Registry in Montenegro requires only a name reservation for the representative office and some data concerning the foreign company which it represents. 
No taxation rules apply for liaison offices, since these structures do not deal with financtial transactions related to commercial activities. 
Feel free to contact our Montenegro lawyers in order to get a complete picture on what a liaison office can offer to foreign business owners, and how a representative office can be established in Montenegro. 


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