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Types of companies in Montenegro

Types of Companies in Montenegro

Updated on Wednesday 18th January 2017

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Montenegro is a European country, situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. After obtaining its independence in 2006, Montenegro has been in a constant and fast economic growth thanks to its transition to market economy. The tourism in the beautiful landscapes of this country was also an important development factor. If you intend to invest in this country our attorneys in Montenegro can help you with choosing the most appropriate structure from the multitude of company forms existing in Montenegro

Main company business forms in Montenegro

With a friendly tax environment, what you still have to do is to choose from one of the several Montenegrin business forms. Some of the main company types in Montenegro are: 
  • Montenegrin limited liability company (Drutvo s ogranienom odgovornou), which does need a minimum share capital of 1 euro, and which must have a director and shareholder, who assumes the responsibility for the eventual debts of the company;
  • Montenegrin joint stock company (Akcionarsko drutvo), for the establishment of which it is required a minimum capital of EUR 25,000, which needs to be deposited to the corporate account.
Whether you intend to keep more control over the newly established legal form, then you can consider the option of setting up a branch in Montenegro. A branch differs from a subsidiary (a local separated entity) by the fact that it is not independent from the parent company.
Our lawyers in Montenegro can help you form one of the above mentioned Montenegrin company types by elaborating for you the articles of association, setting the mandatory bank account, and by providing you all needed documents for eventual company incorporation.  

The current situation of companies in Montenegro 

An overall picture of the companies’ market in Montenegro will help you in knowing your competition and elaborating the right strategy. The statistics conducted by the Montenegrin Registers Department regarding the types of companies in Montenegro states that 61% from the companies in this country are single member private limited companies, followed by the limited liability companies - 21,5%. From the remaining, 12.2% represent the entrepreneurs, 1.2% the joint-stock companies and 1.7% co-operative societies. By 
The entities in Montenegro are in proportion of 98.6% small enterprises. And only 1.4% is represented by medium-sized or large companies. 
Please contact our law firm in Montenegro for complete legal assistance when opening a company in this country.


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