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Why Invest in Montenegro

Why Invest in Montenegro?

Updated on Thursday 16th March 2017

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Montenegro became an independent state in 2006. Since then, its government has molded it for economic growth, employment, and export of goods and services. This is a big reason why you should invest in Montenegro. The government also recognizes the areas for economic growth that need improvement. Foreign investors who wish to open a company in Montenegro, can benefit from the policy according to which there is no difference in the treatment of foreign and domestic corporations. This means that they can repatriate their profits without any limitation or restriction. Our law firm in Montenegro has helped foreign investors with repatriating their profits.

Starting a business in Montenegro

Our Montenegro lawyers are knowledgeable of the requirements for starting a business in the country. For starters, registration costs are very low. For joint stock companies and limited liability companies, it would only cost them 10 euros to have their businesses registered. The country also requires only at least one shareholder and director in order to incorporate. For joint stock companies, the mandated capital is only 25,000 euros while limited liability companies only need to have a capital of 1 euro. Corporate income tax is only rated at 9 percent. Investing in Montenegro will not cost you much.

Economy of Montenegro

For 2016, the Republic of Montenegro recorded a GDP of $9.4 billion, which is equivalent to a growth of 1.1% from the previous year. It also recorded an FDI or Foreign Direct Investment of $497 million for 2016. This shows that foreign businessmen are attracted to invest in Montenegro. You can visit our Montenegro law firm to avail of more information about the economy of the country.

Investment opportunities in Montenegro

Foreign businessmen have many business sectors to choose from when starting a business in Montenegro. Here are some investment opportunities in Montenegro:

1.    Tourism
In 2014, Montenegro recorded a total of 1.3 million tourists that visited the country. With a mild Mediterranean climate, the country has 240 sunny days each year. This is one of the reasons why the World Travel and Tourism Council predicted that investment in Montenegro in the field of tourism is going to be very profitable in the coming years.

2.    Mining
This is a good investment sector in Montenegro for businessmen who have large capitals. The government of Montenegro is awarding a concession to exploit the coal in the basin of Maoce and to construct a thermal power plant. The concession is to last for 45 years.

3.    Business zones
These are certain areas in the country where only specific business activities are allowed to operate. This is good for small and medium businesses that are engaged in light industries that cause minimal damage to the environment such as manufacturing and service activities.

If you plan to invest in this country, please contact our attorneys in Montenegro. We will provide you with the information you need and we will handle the company incorporation procedure step by step.



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