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Updated on Tuesday 27th December 2022

Our law firm in Montenegro provides legal services in all areas of corporate and business law. Our experienced lawyers are able to prepare legal opinions on a particular legal situation for the clients’ interest, which will contain a description of the situation in legal terms, the legal framework applicable in this case, the lawyer’s resolution on the case and the case law.
Our law firm's experience in this field place them in the leading position and you should ask for our services no matter the legal problem you are facing with.
Our lawyer in Montenegro can formulate and prepare applications, notices, statements or petitions to authorities, institutions or others bodies in the client’s name, in order to protect and defend the legitimate interests of their client.
 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our law firm in Montenegro

Legal assistance in the cases related to the breach of contract, corporate espionage, and cybersecurity liability cases, etc offered by our lawyers in Montenegro 

Company formation
in Montenegro 
Legal help regarding incorporation, registration, permits, and licenses, etc.


Assistance for opening corporate and personal bank accounts. Finances, loan regulations, security documentation, and assistance in anti-money laundering steps, etc.

Resolution of disputes in the work place, employment policy, contracts, hiring or firing employees, and employee data protection, etc.

International investments
in Montenegro
Our lawyers in Montenegro provide assistance to understand the regulations of acquisitions, mergers, branches, subsidiaries, and franchises, etc
Tax matters

Complete legal assistance and guidance to understand the tax regulations imposed in Montenegro 


Our lawyers in Montenegro can provide help with bankruptcy cases, disagreements on a debt's eligibility for discharge, effects on credit and credit score over the long run, etc.

Intellectual property  The lawyers at our law firm in Montenegro can help in trademark registration to avoid infringements
Debt recovery services offered by our
Montenegro law firm
Initial amicable debt recovery, or legal presentation in a court of justice if necessary 
Real estate issues   Property due diligence, ownership transfer,  protect
client information etc
Residential conveyancing  Legal services are available by our lawyers in Montenegro for individuals who buy or sell residential property 
Individual employment   Workplace safety, illegal labor, patent infringement, and wrongful termination cases can be handled by our Montenegro law firm
Civil litigation assisted by our lawyers in Montenegro   Property disputes, contract disputes, class action cases, and torts, etc. 
Divorce and family law  Parental disputes, divorce decrees, child protection, financial support for children, adoption, surrogacy and domestic violence, etc
Immigration in Montenegro Assistance in visa, residence,
and citizenship applications, etc.

Legal services offered by our law firm in Montenegro

Both local and foreign investors can rely on our law firm in Montenegro for a wide range of legal services. With respect to corporate matters, we can help with:
  • assistance in corporate matters, such as opening companies and liquidating businesses;
  • assistance in corporate disputes, such as contract and employment litigation cases;
  • assistance in employment matters, such as hiring and dismissal of personnel;
  • assistance in mergers and acquisitions of local companies, as well as in setting up joint ventures;
  • guidance in signing various types of commercial contracts with local companies.
When it comes to civil matters, our lawyer in Montenegro can help foreign and local citizens with:
  1.  applying for residence visas, our immigration lawyers in Montenegro offer assistance to foreign citizens moving to Montenegro;
  2.  assistance in various disputes related to civil cases, such as divorce and child maintenance;
  3.  assistance in purchasing real estate properties as a local or foreign citizen moving to Montenegro;
  4.  assistance in resolving various types of disputes, such as employment or contract litigation.
You can get in touch with our Montenegro law firm for more information on all our services. You are qualified to apply for a Montenegrin residence permit as a corporate director of a startup, relocating, or growing a business. To get it, you must first form a business and either work for the firm's owners or shareholders as the operating director or work for yourself as the company director. To learn more about the procedure, get in touch with our lawyers. They can offer comprehensive guidance in this regard. 

We recover the debts for you

Our Montenegro law firm is able to achieve efficient recovery procedure for claims and debts collection by eliminating the unnecessary steps which don't involve coercive measures on debtors, thus ensuring efficiency and a significant reduction in the procedures applied.
Our Montenegro lawyers ensure the protection of your business for all risks encountered in a debt collection procedure. They also guarantee legal practice based on transparency and prompt services to the standards given by the professionalism of the entire team for obtaining the best solution for you.  

Assistance in buying real estate in Montenegro

Montenegro is a very appealing country in terms of real estate property acquisitions. Foreign citizens buy real estate for residential purposes, while investors are attracted by the numerous possibilities the purchase of real estate offers them.
We can help both foreign citizens and investors who want to buy real estate in Montenegro for residential or investment reasons. We can help with the following:
  • legal real estate due diligence services which implies verifying the company with the Land Register;
  • assistance in preparing the pre-sale and the sale-purchase agreements for the buyer;
  • guidance during the procedure of acquiring the real estate property in Montenegro;
  • assistance in complying with the requirements imposed by the Land Register when transferring property rights;
  • assistance for the buyer in registering the new property with the Land Register.
Our lawyer in Montenegro can help with the purchase of real estate of residential and investment purposes. We remind foreign businessmen that the acquisition of a property for investment purposes implies more care due to the higher value of the transaction and to the fact that special authorization could be required for certain activities. We can advise during the purchase of such property and monitor the transaction from the beginning to the end.

Assistance in employment matters in Montenegro

Foreign investors who open companies in Montenegro can hire local or citizens from other countries, including their own; however, they need to comply with the Labor Code of this country. This implies offering them at least the minimum wage provided by the local legislation, drafting employment contracts based on the legal requirements available here and offer them the minimum working conditions as prescribed by the national law.
An important aspect to consider when hiring foreign employees is related to the work permits which need to be obtained considering Montenegro is not an EU member state yet. There are several types of visas which can be obtained for temporary or permanent workers. All you need to do is request the assistance of one of our lawyers for guidance on the preparation of the documents on behalf of the employer in order to obtain the necessary visas, including for highly skilled migrants.
Complying with all these requirements can be difficult especially when considering that there are various categories of employees who can be subject to different labor and employment criteria which is why the assistance of Montenegro lawyers who can advise on these matters can be very helpful.
We recommend you ask for the employment conditions and requirements before starting the business registration process. Our law firm in Montenegro can help foreign investors draft various types of labor agreements, advise on the employer’s rights and obligations, but also on the employees’ rights and obligations.
Should any dispute arise, Montenegro companies have several options to settle them, many times amicable procedures being recommended by our lawyer in Montenegro. However, we can support you no matter the decision of resolving such a dispute.
Also, should you need assistance in dismissal of employees, we can help you.

Choose us for opening your company in Montenegro

Our law firm in Montenegro offers a wide range of legal services to foreign businessmen, from consulting and legal assistance for choosing the legal form of your future business to the areas of activity, the partner bank, the tax system, and the headquarters. Our lawyers will also take care of editing the company’s documents and they will assist you in negotiating contracts and registering trademarks.
All these procedures require time and solid knowledge in this field, but choosing to work with us will relieve you from bothering about the legal actions that must be taken, as developing a business requires professional consulting services.
Here are the main types of companies we can help you set up in Montenegro:
  •  sole proprietorships which are simple and easy to set up;
  •  partnerships which are suitable for foreign investors interested in having a Montenegrin partner;
  •  limited liability companies which are preferred by both local and foreign entrepreneurs;
  •  subsidiaries and branches for foreign companies seeking to enter the local market.
Apart from these, our Montenegro lawyers can also help those who want to expand their companies through franchises or joint ventures. On the other hand, if you are interested in prospecting the market first, we can help you establish a representative office in Montenegro.
Among the documents you need to prepare when opening a company in Montenegro are the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the business form and identification papers of the shareholders. Also, should you want to have the business incorporated before arriving to the country, our lawyers can handle the entire procedure with the help of a power of attorney. We are at your disposal with various legal services when it comes to opening a company in Montenegro.
There are also cases where after the company is registered, you will need to apply for various special licenses and permits. Because these are issued by specific authorities and imply various documents, the help of a lawyer in Montenegro can prove very useful when it comes to obtaining such permits.
Our law firm has been active for many years and can help you in many legal areas, including in answering all your questions when having doubts. You can rely on us any time and in most civil and corporate issues.
Some of our legal services in Montenegro are summarized in the scheme below:

Assistance in mergers and acquisitions in Montenegro

There are several ways in which a foreign entrepreneur can start a business in Montenegro and our law firm can advise on all of them. Large enterprises, for example, can direct their attention to mergers and acquisitions by respecting the local legislation in this sense.
There are several laws which need to be respected in such procedures, among these the Competition Law which provides for specific conditions when taking over a company. The procedures are different when taking over a public company compared to a merger or acquisition of a private company in Montenegro.
If you need help in such a situation, our Montenegro lawyers are at your disposal.
Other ways in which a foreign investor can start a business in this country is by setting up a joint venture or entering a franchise agreement with a Montenegro company. The main advantage of these two options is having a local partner acquainted with the local market and thus higher chances of succeeding.
No matter your choice, our law firm in Montenegro can help you.

Assistance in the Montenegro Contract Law

One of the most important parts of the Montenegro Civil Code is the Contract Law which is quite extensive. There are various types of contracts which can be signed between individuals and companies in Montenegro, however, it is important to pay attention to the terms and conditions imposed in such contracts.
With a vast experience in various Civil Law matters, our lawyers in Montenegro can assist foreign citizens and companies entering various agreements. We can thoroughly verify such contracts before signing them and make various amendments, in accordance with your requirements. Also, if you want to make a business proposition, we can advise on the terms and conditions which should be comprised by such contracts.
Having legal support in drafting and signing contracts is very important when doing business in Montenegro. We can also help you respect the GDRP laws applicable in the EU when entering a business agreement with a company in the European Union.

Close your company helped by our lawyers in Montenegro

The premises of closing a company in Montenegro may be either voluntary, taken by the company’s management, either compulsory, as a result of a Court decision.
Our Montenegro law firm is able to handle the company liquidation procedure that may occur in different situations.
Our lawyer in Montenegro will also provide you professional services when the liquidation comes after the declaration of nullity of the company given by the General Assembly or by a Court decision.
Let this procedure come in our lawyers’ responsibility who will guarantee the best solutions for the procedure of closing your company in Montenegro.

We solve any litigation case in Montenegro

Our attorneys in Montenegro provide legal assistance and representation before any Court in Montenegro by offering defence with the proper means and certain techniques developed in many years of practice.  
Our lawyers in Montenegro offer assistance and representation before jurisdictional authorities, public notaries and bailiffs, public administration bodies, institutions, and other legal entities or individuals.
By working with us our services will consist not only in the physical presence of the lawyer but also in drawing the petitions, memoranda, meeting notes or written conclusions that the lawyer may deem necessary and useful in the progress and evolution of the litigation case.

Assistance for immigration to Montenegro

The number of foreign citizens interested in immigrating to Montenegro has increased ever since the government enabled the Citizenship by Investment Program. Under this program, a foreign citizen can relocate to Montenegro based on a minimum investment of 350,000 euros, plus a government fee of 15,000 euros. The Citizenship Law of 2008, which is based on the ius sanguinis principle, governs citizenship in the country. Citizenship in Montenegro can be obtained through naturalization, certain types of birth, international agreements and treaties, or ancestry. If you are interested in acquiring citizenship here, get in touch with our lawyers. They can guide you about the best application method.
Our immigration lawyers in Montenegro can help foreign citizens from both EU and non-EU countries interested in moving here through this program.
Other ways in which foreign citizens can immigrate to Montenegro imply setting up a business and by obtaining an employment contract with a local company. You can rely on our law firm no matter the way in which you plan to move here.
You can rely on us for preparing the documents based on the type of immigration you are interested in, for filing the paperwork with Montenegrin authorities and for preparing for the interviews. Additionally, you can rely on us if you want to bring family members into Montenegro.
If you have any questions related to immigration to Montenegro, do not doubt in calling and discussing with one of our lawyers. Both a long-stay business visa and a short-stay tourist visa are available for Montenegro. Your trip's purpose will determine what kind of visa you require. The next step is to obtain the needed paperwork once you have decided which sort of Montenegrin visa you desire. So, if you are planning to immigrate to Montenegro, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. They can guide you in detail about relocation. 

Legal advice in civil cases in Montenegro

Montenegro is undergoing many changes as the government is preparing its entering the European Union. However, it has specific civil law rules which need to be respected. In order to understand how the court system works and how civil cases are dealt with here, you can rely on our attorneys in Montenegro.
Our Montenegrin lawyers can help you in various civil litigation cases such as family disputes, contract disputes, employment litigation and even debt collection matters. For example, our lawyers can offer representation in the court of law if you are undergoing a divorce case. Child and spouse maintenance and the division of assets can be quite unpleasant, yet they are some of the most important aspects of a divorce and the assistance of a lawyer in Montenegro is crucial when seeking to obtain the best outcome.
When it comes to contractual disputes, these can be resolved through mediation or arbitration, especially when it comes to commercial claims. Our law firm in Montenegro can offer the needed legal advice in choosing the best approach, but we can also offer representation in the court of law, should the case reach this stage.
Employment disputes are usually tried by specialized tribunals, which is why advice from our Montenegro law firm can be crucial, no matter if you are an employee or employer.

Tax compliance in Montenegro

The nowadays business climate and developing cross-border transactions lead to the need for tax specialists who provide a combination of global and local skills. Our law firm’s practice in Montenegro includes a full range of tax planning, compliance, and tax advice. Businessmen who want to find out fast the taxes they must pay in Montenegro are invited to use our tax calculator.
Our law firm’s experience in Montenegro gained from working with a wide range of clients conferred us a consolidated position on the market for capital tax strategies in a large variety of situations.
We can also help you take advantage of the Double Tax Treaties signed by Montenegro, as our Montenegro law firm has developed a special department that can guide you for avoiding the double taxation, as provided by the official agreements in this field. 

Montenegro as an investment destination

Montenegro is a small country outside the European Union which has made some doubt about its investment potential. However, the government managed to transform it into one of the most appealing investment destinations in Southeast Europe.
For example, Montenegro has one of the lowest corporate tax rates on the continent – 9%. The same can be said about the capital gains tax. Montenegro is also one of the easiest countries to set up a business in Europe and relies on of the youngest workforces in the region.
Should you choose to invest in Montenegro, you must also know that:
  1. in 2012, Montenegro became a full member of the World Trade Organization, of the World Bank and of the International Monetary Fund;
  2. Montenegro has signed more than 40 double taxation treaties over time;
  3. In 2018, Montenegro attracted foreign investments with a total value of 490 million USD;
  4. Montenegro’s FDI stock stood at 5.5 billion USD in 2018, representing more than 100% of its Gross Domestic Product;
  5. the real estate investment sector is one of the most appealing industries in Montenegro with a total value of 147.2 million euros in 2018 (10,6% higher than in 2017).

For more details about our legal services, please contact our team of attorneys in Montenegro. You should also know that on its list of the strongest passports, the Henley Passport Index places Montenegro's passport at position 42. It is above countries like Russia, Turkey, Thailand, China, and India. Understandably, the robustness of Montenegro's passport makes it a desirable option for regular and adventurous visitors, businesses doing business abroad, and entrepreneurs. So, if you are interested to get a Montenegrin passport, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal.