Business Permits and Licenses in Montenegro

Business Permits and Licenses in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 30th January 2023

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Business Permits and Licenses in Montenegro

Starting a business in Montenegro implies a few important steps which must be completed by both local and foreign investors interested in having an active company on the local market.  Apart from the preparing and filing the documents required for the registration of the Montenegro company, the final steps which need to be completed are related to obtaining the necessary licenses to start operating in the desired industry.

According to the Company law in Montenegro, special permits and licenses have to be obtained by companies doing business in certain industries in this country. These business permits and licenses attest that Montenegrin companies meet the requirements for safe working conditions, for manufacturing and selling different products and completing notifications and inspections from the local authorities.

If you want to start a business in Montenegro and need help in obtaining business permits and licenses, you can rely on our law firm in Montenegro. You can also rely on our lawyers for assistance in registering any type of company in Montenegro.

Industries which require permits and licenses in Montenegro

If you want to invest in Montenegro and start a company, there are certain industries which require permits and licenses for lawfully doing business. These include the following:

•    the construction sector – there are technical requirements for urban development which have to be met in order to build a facility in Montenegro and construction companies must obtain the construction permit from the authorities;
•   gas and energy sector – special licenses and permits related to the protection of the environment have to be obtained by Montenegrin companies. They are recorded in the Law on the Environment;
•   the financial industry – legal entities involved in banking, insurance, and investment funds need special licenses before operating on the market. They are stipulated within the commercial law in Montenegro;
•   the gaming industry and the related services – banking, payments, and nominees;
•   the fishery sector – licenses and permits regulate the commercial fishing and sports fishing;
•   the food sector – restaurants and facilities which sell food and foodstuffs need special permits and licensing before operating.


Our lawyers in Montenegro can give you further details on the matter of special permits and licenses which have to be obtained prior to doing business. If you plan to move to Montenegro on a short-term visa, get in touch with our lawyers. A person holding a short-stay C visa can visit Montenegro for 90 days within six months. It is given for one or more entries. The C visa is more commonly provided for tourism, business meetings, medical checkups, and so like. The validity of a multiple-entry short-stay visa is one year. 

Besides licenses related to business, our Montenegrin lawyers can also offer you legal services in other matters. For instance; if you are interested in acquiring a residency permit in Montenegro, you can rely on our lawyers. You should know that a temporary residency application needs a lot of supporting information. Depending on the sort of residence permit you are applying for, you may need additional papers.

Obtaining a construction permit in Montenegro

If you want to open a company in Montenegro in the construction sector, you have to acquire specific permits and licenses from the municipality where you are registered. We provide you with a description of the necessary steps for obtaining a construction permit in Montenegro:

•    comply with the urban development requirements and obtain the main project study from the municipality;
•   pay compensation for utilities provision on the construction land – you need to provide the authorities with proof of legally purchasing the property where you indent to build;
•    obtain a building permit from the municipality;
•    receive inspection from the Administration for Inspection Affairs;
•    obtain water and sewerage connection;
•    receive a technical inspection for building control;
•    obtain a building use permit from the municipality. Besides helping you to get a business permit or license in Montenegro, you can get assistance in other matters that require legal attention from our lawyers. For instance, if you are thinking about applying for citizenship in Montenegro, our lawyers can guide you in detail about its details. You should know that visa-free travel is available for Montenegrin citizens to more than 124 states. The E-2 Treaty Program allows its nationals to reside and work in the United States of America.


How to obtain an energy license in Montenegro

Montenegro has an open market when it comes to opening a company in the energy sector. Foreign investors can also apply for such a special license for their companies in Montenegro, provided that they comply with specific requirements.

Companies in the energy sector in Montenegro must comply with the requirements of the Energy Law and with the Rulebook for the Issuance of Energy Licenses. Under these regulations, a company may apply for such a business permit as long as they comply with certain requirements. Also, they are allowed to complete specific activities under this special license.

The following criteria must be respected by companies seeking to operate in the energy sector in Montenegro:

  • -          the license is issued based on the potential of the company of generating energy from a specific site (the company must be able to generate at least 15 GWh from the respective site);
  • -          the license can be issued for the construction of a new site or for the reconstruction of an old site;
  • -          the construction project must ensure the safety and health of the population and must comply with the environmental protection regulations;
  • -          the company must have sufficient funds and technical equipment which enable them to complete the project.


Our Montenegro lawyers can offer more information on the requirements related to obtaining special licenses and permits when operating in the energy sector

Licenses for companies in the financial sector in Montenegro

One of the most developed industries in Montenegro is the financial one. Those interested in operating in this important sector are required to apply for specific business licenses and permits which refer to the activities which can be undertaken by financial companies in Montenegro.

Among the licenses which need to be obtained by financial companies are the ones related to undertaking leasing activities. These are usually granted to banks and financial institutions offering loans to natural persons and corporate clients. Factoring companies must also apply for a license with the same name. Companies undertaking insurance activities are also required to apply for special business permits.

The business permits and licenses for financial companies are issued by the Central Bank of Montenegro.

The gaming license in Montenegro

Gambling is currently one of the most prolific industries in Montenegro. This is why the government has enabled the e-gambling license under which companies interested in operating in this sector can apply for the necessary licenses easier than before.

Under the new regulations, the following licenses are available for those interested in operating in the gambling sector in Montenegro:

  • -          casinos;
  • -          sports betting;
  • -          poker and card games;
  • -          live casinos.


It should be noted that these licenses do not cover lottery activities. Even if the business license is issued by the Games of Chance Administration in Montenegro for both gambling and lottery activities, the licensing procedure is different. You can rely on our Montenegro law firm for guidance in applying for such business permits.

Business permits required in the food and beverages sector in Montenegro

Those who want to open companies which produce, sell, distribute or serve foods and drinks in Montenegro are subject to complex business licensing procedures. There are two types of businesses which can be opened in the food and beverages sector and these are FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies and businesses which operate in the HORECA industry. Based on these categories, the Montenegro company can apply for the necessary business permits which will enable them to operate. Additionally, these companies must also obtain import/export licenses, considering some products are brought into the country.

Feel free to contact our attorneys in Montenegro if you need legal assistance and advice in obtaining any kind of permit and license, irrespective of the industry you choose to operate in.