Company Due Diligence in Montenegro

Company Due Diligence in Montenegro

Updated on Friday 25th August 2017

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Company-Due-Diligence-in-MontenegroCompany due diligence in Montenegro represents the evaluation of a company from multiple points of view. Before engaging in any commercial relation with a Montenegrin company, any investor needs to gather information about it and to evaluate the financial risks of doing business together. Company due diligence in Montenegro can be done by means of analyzing annual reports, custom filings, financial declarations and balance sheets.

Our lawyers in Montenegro can help you verify a local company by performing a company due diligence procedure. 

Company due diligence services to be performed in Montenegro

The company due diligence services offered by our Montenegro law firm are the following:

•    Financial due diligence;
•    Commercial and market due diligence;
•    Structuring advice;
•    Directorship appointment;
•    Shareholders checks;
•    Post-deal services.

Any verification of a company starts with a due diligence application at the Central Registry in Montenegro. The details we can obtain about a local company from the Central Registry are: the full name of the company, the date of its incorporation, the registered seat in Montenegro, the number of shareholders, the name of the company`s directors and the main activity of the business. Our law firm in Montenegro can assist you in the process of obtaining information about a company through due diligence.

What does company due diligence in Montenegro involve?

As a candidate for the European Union, Montenegro has become a business destination for many investors. The low costs of starting a business and the financial incentives provided by the local government are the main reasons to invest in Montenegro. Undesired business risks can be avoided by using company due diligence. This process usually involves:

•    An examination of documents and records;
•    Talking to managers, executives and employees;
•    An examination of any legal documents relating to any potential lawsuits or litigation situations;
•  Checking all company related documents which may incur liabilities, sale agreements, purchase agreements, liens or assets.

Please contact our attorneys in Montenegro if you intend to buy a company or to initiate a partnership with a local company and need professional assistance and company due diligence services.