Distribution Agreements in Montenegro

Distribution Agreements in Montenegro

Updated on Tuesday 21st November 2017

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Distribution agreements in Montenegro are signed between a supplier and a distributor. Regardless whether the suppliers are manufacturers or intermediary distributors, the agreement can include a set of guidelines concerning the display and marketing of the products by the distributor. A contract may establish exclusive distribution rights as well as certain conditions in which the supply must take place. Other aspects covered in a distribution agreement in Montenegro are each party’s responsibilities for eventual damages of the products, the transfer of risks, conditions for returns etc. You can rely on our law firm in Montenegro to assist you when signing a distribution agreement so that you can minimize the risks of your trading activity.


What is implied by being a distributor in Montenegro?  

A legal entity which has the right to distribute products is called distributor. The main role of the distributor is to resell products taken over from suppliers. Distributors can bring on the market a wide variety of products. They can be as well channel partners - which means that they can distribute software of hardware products. After the conclusion of the distribution contract, the trade activities in which the distributor is involved remain in his liability. 
The advantages to sign a distribution agreement with a distributor in Montenegro are first of all those regarding the transaction risks. The liability for the products will be covered by a distributor, after the signing of the contract. Moreover, the distributor will ensure an organized sale of the products, thus making way on the market for much more products than a producer could provide. 
Even if a producer has his/her headquarters in another part of the world, by entering a distribution contract with a distributor in Montenegro, the producer will be able to reach the market in Montenegro much faster and in a controlled way. 
Please call on our Montenegro lawyers for professional assistance with the elaboration of a distribution agreement in this country.

Types of distribution agreements in Montenegro  

The distribution agreement in Montenegro can offer exclusive rights to a specific vendor or a producer can work with several distributors, depending on the provisions included in the contract. 
The main aspects to be covered by a distribution agreement in Montenegro refer to the duration of the contract, and the conditions with which both supplier and distributor must comply. The terms must be agreed on by mutual consent and must respect the international legislation and the commercial law in Montenegro.
Feel free to contact our attorneys in Montenegro, who can give you more details on the commercial law in Montenegro and the provisions which you need to include in a distribution contract with a distributor from this country.