Employment Law in Montenegro

Employment Law in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 27th February 2023

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The Republic of Montenegro recognizes the importance of its labor force. Thus, the government has enacted an employment law in Montenegro in order to uphold the rights and protection of laborers. The Labour Law of Montenegro is the main law which governs the employer-employee relationship. It covers the rights and obligations of the employees based on work and its performance, incentives, and the flexibility of the labor force. Our lawyers in Montenegro are well-versed on the provisions of the Labour Law.

Coverage of the employment law in Montenegro

The rights and obligations provided for in the Labour Law of Montenegro apply to all individuals who are hired by an employer to work within the territory of Montenegro. This law also applies to those who are hired to work abroad by an employer whose main office is within the territory of Montenegro as well as those who work in the public sector. Foreigners who work within Montenegro are covered by the Law on Employment and Work of Foreigners. Our Montenegro law firm can inform you on the rights under the Labour Law. Furthermore, if you are planning on applying for a Montenegrin passport, you can get in touch with our lawyers. Based on the investment, getting a passport will take roughly 6 months. Living in Montenegro for all this period is not necessary. Family members of the leading candidate will also be given national passports if they can demonstrate their financial reliance on him/her.

Non-discrimination of employees in Montenegro

The employment law in Montenegro provides for a non-discrimination clause. It is found in Article 5 of the Labour Law. The provision prohibits the direct or indirect discrimination of workers based on their gender, language, religion, birth, race, age, marital status, pregnancy, and nationality. It also prohibits discrimination of employees based on social background, financial status, political affiliation, and union membership. If you feel you are being discriminated against, let our attorneys in Montenegro help you protect your right against it.

Foreign citizens can also obtain Montenegro citizenship through employment. Our lawyers can also assist you in applying for Montenegrin citizenship. Candidates are not required to live in Montenegro during the application process. Families are only required to stay in the country for five days during a five-year term. If you want to learn more about obtaining citizenship through investment in this country, please contact our immigration lawyers.

Representation of employees in Montenegro

The Labour Law of Montenegro recognizes the right of employees to organize and create unions. These organizations shall serve as the representatives of employees during the bargaining stage of executing collective agreements with the employer. They also have the authority to settle disputes between the employer and the employees as well as among employees. Our law firm in Montenegro can represent you in case of labour disputes.

Basic employment provisions in the Labour Law

Under the employment law of Montenegro, employers may hire individuals below 18 years old, as long as the person is capable of working and the consent of the parents is secured. There is also a probationary period for newly hired employees which shall not exceed six months. Working hours for full-time employees must not exceed 40 hours a week. Beyond that, employers are liable to pay for overtime.

If you have any concern about your rights under the Labour Law, just contact our lawyers in Montenegro. We are more than able to give you legal advice on your employment rights.