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Immigrate to Montenegro

Updated on Monday 05th February 2024

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Foreign citizens looking for a great destination to move to can choose Montenegro for several reasons. Apart from having some of the most spectacular views, Montenegro is one of the Southeastern European countries that have registered a continuous economic growth, thus offering development possibilities to businesses and regular citizens. Those who already plan to immigrate to Montenegro can do that by starting a company or by finding employment with a local company.
If you want to immigrate to Montenegro and need information on the available pathways for relocation, this guide below is for you. With the help of our immigration lawyers in Montenegro, moving here is simple and fast.
 Quick Facts  
  Entry visa requirement (from EU) Yes/No


Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (Yes/No)


Types of visas available

 Montenegro Airport Transit (A) Visa

Montenegro Transit (B) Visa

Montenegro Short-stay (C) Visa
Montenegro Long-stay (D) Visa


Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)

about one month

Validity of temporary residence permit  12 months
Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

After spending five years as a temporary resident, you can apply for permanent residency in Montenegro.

Investor visa availability (Yes/No)


Sponsorship requirement (Yes/No) Yes 
Time frame for obtaining citizenship 10 years
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme available (Yes/No) Yes 
Tax benefits for expats Tax-free income for foreign business
Residence permit ‎requirement ‎   Foreigners intending to stay in Montenegro for an extended period must obtain a ‎residence permit

 Immigration ‎authorities

 The Ministry of Interior is responsible for immigration matters in Montenegro

 Long-term ‎Residence

 Foreigners can apply for long-term residence permits in Montenegro based on various ‎grounds, such as employment, education, or family reunification

 Citizenship by ‎investment ‎  You can immigrate to Montenegro and obtain citizenship by making an investment.The total investment amount can vary between €350,000 and €550,000, depending on the investment options you choose
 Work permits

 Foreigners seeking employment in Montenegro must obtain work permits, which are ‎issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare


 Montenegro provides healthcare services to both residents and visitors. It is advisable for ‎individuals who are planning to immigrate to Montenegro to have health insurance ‎coverage


 Montenegro has a range of educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and ‎universities, for foreign students

 Cost of Living

The cost of living in Montenegro varies depending on the city or region. Major cities like ‎Podgorica and Budva tend to be more expensive.‎ 

 Language ‎

 Montenegrin ‎

 Residency benefits  Obtaining residency in Montenegro grants access to various social benefits and services. ‎For instance; free medical treatment, free Education up to the University level, tax ‎residents enjoy one of the lowest personal income taxes worldwide (9 – 15%)‎
Integration ‎programs 

Montenegro offers integration programs to help immigrants adapt to the local culture and ‎society 


EU and non-EU citizens relocating to Montenegro


Montenegro is not an EU member state yet, which is why at the moment, those interested in moving here will need to go through the same procedures. This means that no matter your country of residence you need to apply for a temporary visa to live here. Even so, the procedure is fairly simple and support in immigration to Montenegro can be provided by our law firm. Please read these facts if you are planning to acquire a passport in Montenegro. As early as 2025, Montenegro is expected to join the EU. Following its split from Serbia in 2006, Montenegro has made significant economic and social growth, making it the Western Balkans' most stable economy. The GDP increased by 5.0% in 2018 alone (one of the highest in Europe). As things stand right now, its accession to the EU in 2025 is practically inevitable. Undoubtedly, full membership will strengthen its passport, and many foreigners are looking to obtain a complete EU passport within 6 years for a relatively little expenditure.

The main options for those who want to immigrate to Montenegro

Foreign citizens from EU and non-EU countries benefit from the same conditions if they want to move to Montenegro. They can obtain residence and work permits depending on the reasons they relocate here for.
Here are the main options for foreigners who immigrate to Montenegro:
  1. temporary residence permits for those who plan to stay here for more than 90 days (for short stays, the tourist visa is your go-to option);
  2. long-term residence permits that are the main path for residency and citizenship;
  3. the residence by investment permit which can be acquired under a special program;
  4. student residence permits (Montenegro is one of the few countries to have a special program for students who want to obtain residency).
As you can read here, there are plenty of options if you want to relocate and obtain Montenegro citizenship, most of them quite flexible in requirements.
If you are interested in moving to this country, our law firm in Montenegro is at your disposal with dedicated services in accordance with the type of residence permit solicited.

Immigrating to Montenegro as a student

Montenegro is one of the few European countries to enable students to move here and apply for long-term residency. The program is dedicated to young persons coming from EU countries who can enter the country based on their passports and here, they can apply for long-term residency once they enroll in high-education institutions. Furthermore, foreigners who own property here can apply for a residence permit in Montenegro. It is sufficient to show that you have health insurance and enough money to support yourself. Unfortunately, once the foreigner sells their property, the residence permit expires. You are permitted to stay in the nation all year round with a resident permit. However, this status does not grant the freedom to travel freely across the EU (unlike a passport).
Non-EU citizens must first obtain student visas based on which they will enter the country and then follow the same procedure to remain in Montenegro.
No matter the way you want to immigrate to Montenegro, you can obtain more information from one of our dedicated lawyers. You must submit an application form, two passport photos, and your passport while applying for the majority of visas. You might also be asked to show documentation of your travel insurance, hotel reservations, and/or financial resources to cover your expenses while you are in Montenegro. The next step is to submit your application at a Montenegrin embassy or consulate after gathering all of the necessary paperwork. To help you assist with immigration to Montenegro, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. 
Here is also an infographic on how to move to Montenegro:
Relocation Guide for Montenegro

Business immigration to Montenegro

One of the most employed ways of moving to Montenegro is business creation. Foreign investors can immigrate to Montenegro by registering companies here. The main requirement they need to abide by in this case is to become directors or managers of the company in order to live here.
The best part about this immigration process is that the business incorporation procedure in Montenegro is straight-forward.
We are a Montenegrin law firm specialized in various legal matters, including company registration. So, if you are looking to move to Montenegro as a businessperson, you can rely on us for assistance in both business creation and immigration procedures.

How to immigrate to Montenegro by employment

Moving to Montenegro can be quite challenging considering the country is not an EU member state yet and the same requirements apply for EU and non-EU nationals. However, employment provides for a uniform procedure of relocation for all immigrants, no matter their countries of origin.
Securing an employment contract is definitely necessary to obtain a work permit that comes with a residence permit and enables the applicant to live and work here. There are plenty of jobs, especially in the tourism and manufacturing sectors, however, Montenegro is also known for its forestry industry that has an important contribution to the economy.
The procedure of obtaining a work visa for immigrating to Montenegro implies applying for one of the following categories of permits:
  • the personal work permit which is an option for foreign citizens who already live in Montenegro;
  • the employment visa which is applied for by the Montenegrin employer;
  • the temporary work permit which can be obtained for specific activities.
The personal employment visa has a validity of one year and its holder can access any job on the labor market during the validity period. The work visa, on the other hand, must be solicited by the Montenegrin company hiring a foreign citizen who will enter the country based on the documents received from the employer.
Montenegro also welcomes temporary and seasonal workers or professionals who have contracts with local companies. They can apply for work permits with limited validity which are usually issued for the specific timeframes that imply short stays.
If you need guidance on the Employment Act and information on how to obtain a work visa, our law firm in Montenegro is at your disposal. Furthermore, if you are interested to apply for Montenegrin citizenship, our lawyers can assist you. The existence of a thriving and welcoming European community is one perk of being a citizen of Montenegro. Europeans with dual citizenship might be found who are bilingual and multinational. Furthermore, it is simpler to communicate with them because most of them know English. In no time at all, you will be forming relationships with friends and contacts in the business world. 

How to relocate to Montenegro by buying a property

Montenegro is one of the European countries to have known a great economic development in the past few years thanks to tourism. Many foreigners who came to visit decided to remain and enjoy the good and peaceful lifestyle offered by one of the most beautiful countries in Southeastern Europe.
This has made the government to enable a citizenship by investment scheme through which foreign investors willing the make contribution to the economy can move and live here stress-free. The acquisitions of a property, or better said, investing in a real estate project approved by the authorities, can enable them to move to Montenegro.
The two options available are:
  • investment is the region of Podgorica or coastal regions with a minimum value of 450,000 euros;
  • investment in the central or norther part of the country with a minimum value of 250,000 euros.
A fee of 200,000 euros also applies when entering the program.
If you want to become a homeowner in Montenegro, you can rely on our local lawyers who can help you enter the program. We can assist with the procedure of acquiring citizenship by investment enjoying the benefits that come with this program.

Immigration to Montenegro through temporary residency

For many foreign citizens who want to relocate to Montenegro, applying for temporary residency can be a good solution, especially when they don’t know if this the country that suits them best. However, the beautiful landscapes and numerous job and business opportunities alongside the thriving economy convince many foreigners to decide and remain here.
The advantage of moving to Montenegro through temporary residency is that there are several ways through which one can obtain such a visa.
Here are the main reasons under which you can obtain a Montenegrin temporary residence permit:
  • scientific and/or research activities;
  • humanitarian work;
  • medical treatment;
  • sports activities.
As for the documents you need to prepare when seeking to relocate here this way, you must prepare:
  • a copy of the valid passport;
  • a clean criminal record;
  • documents that attest to your education;
  • proof of having sufficient means to support yourself during our stay;
  • rental or tenancy agreement as a proof of having a place to stay;
  • a valid health insurance;
  • copy of the employment contract (if this is the reason of immigration).


It is possible to move to Montenegro and obtain temporary residence with family members too, and in this case, their identification papers are also required (the marriage certificate and birth certificate of the children, included). Also, in this case, the amount of money required for self-support will be higher. However, compared to other countries, Montenegro does not impose substantial requirements in this sense. The money must be deposited in a bank account opened in this country.
An important aspect to consider is that when applying for temporary residency by employment, it takes around 20 days to obtain the visa, while for other purposes, it will take longer (around 40 days).
Immigration to Montenegro is not complicated, however, our lawyers are at your service, no matter the path you choose to relocate here.

How to obtain Montenegrin residency by owning a vessel

People who own yachts can obtain residency in Montenegro. The country is quite unique from this point of view, which is why if you are the owner of such a vessel you can successfully relocate to Montenegro.
The same privileges extend to crew members on vessels. These can obtain employment permits if they have contracts of at least 90 days with a Montenegro port. The main advantage of this type of residence permit, which is in fact a temporary one, is that it will enable you to come and go outside the country without any penalty.
You can obtain more information on obtaining residency as a seaman or yacht owner from our Montenegrin lawyers.

Applying for Montenegrin permanent residency

Foreign citizens have several options if they want to apply for permanent residency in Montenegro. One of them is the residence by investment program which requires an applicant make one of the following contributions to the national economy:
  • at least 250,000 euros in projects in less developed areas in Montenegro;
  • at least 450,000 euros in projects in urban and other developed zones of the country;
  • the payment of a government fee of 100,000 euros, no matter the option selected;
  • a guarantee of 15,000 euros is also required.
If you decide to immigrate to Montenegro through this program, you should know that applications are received by the end of 2021. The reason behind this decision of the government is Montenegro’s accession to the European Union planned for 2025. The good news is that the officials are working on a new program that will be presented at the end of 2021 and set to launch in 2022.
Permanent residency in Montenegro is available after 5 years of living here based on long-term residence permits, while citizenship is available after 10 years of living in this country.
Montenegro’s accession to the EU is one of the best reasons to decide to move here, as the government is making all the arrangements to become a member state and benefit from all advantages this status implies.
We have also created a video you can watch below:

Finding a place to stay when relocating to Montenegro


One of the most stringent requirements when moving to Montenegro is finding an apartment or house to live in. No matter the path you choose, you don’t need to worry about this aspect, as there are plenty of properties available, especially since the Citizenship by Investment Scheme was launched. However, this program imposes for the property to be purchased and for it to have a minimum value in order to meet the eligibility conditions of the scheme.
If you decide to immigrate to Montenegro based on employment or for any other purposes, you can rent a property stress-free. We advise to start looking for houses and/or apartments before submitting your visa papers in order to have the lease or rental agreement in time for the filing procedure, when you will need a proof that you have a place to stay once moving here. The same applies when required to prove you have the means to support yourself: you should start the bank opening procedure before the actual relocation.
Our lawyers in Montenegro are at your service and with a power of attorney can represent you in the relation with the bank and real estate agency if you decide to use such services to find a place to stay. This way, once you have filed the immigration papers all you need to do is wait for the visa to be issued and move here.
Relocation to Montenegro is a fairly simple process, as the authorities here are keen on welcoming persons who want to work or launch businesses here, as they can contribute to the country’s economy.

Why is it advantageous to be a Montenegrin resident?

Immigrating to Montenegro comes with various advantages, among which tax residency is one of the most important benefits a foreign citizen can obtain. For instance, the personal income tax is ranges between 9 and 11% which is one of the lowest in Europe. In order to become a tax resident here, a foreign citizen must live in the country for 183 days within a calendar year.
Montenegro implemented progressive salary taxation on January 1, 2022. Becoming a resident in Montenegro also enables foreign entrepreneurs to start their own companies that are also taxed at a very low rate. Additionally, repatriating profits to one’s home country can imply reduced taxes under specific double tax treaties.
Even if it is not an EU member state, Montenegro is actively working toward ascending to the European Union in 2025. In this sense, it has already adopted the euro.

Support in moving to Montenegro

For many years, Montenegro has been a popular retirement destination for Europeans. The following are the main reasons Montenegro is an appealing place to retire: low capital gains tax, affordable real estate, reciprocal agreements, and very low living costs in comparison to other EU countries. Do you want to relocate to Montenegro and don’t know where to start? We invite you to get in touch with our lawyers who specialize in immigration matters and who can assist you in choosing and applying for a residence permit here.
We are at your service if you want to move here alone or with your family, case in which you have several options. Our immigration lawyers in Montenegro have experience in dealing with the immigration authorities, and so they can advise on the dos and don’ts of moving here. Our legal expertise is doubled by the many foreign citizens we have come into contact with and from whom we have learnt that there is a solution for each situation.
We are also at the service of people who already live here and need guidance in renewing their documents for prolonging their stay or applying for permanent residency or citizenship in Montenegro.
If you want to immigrate to Montenegro, think no longer! Choose your type of residence permit and contact us for starting the relocation procedure!