Immigrate to Montenegro from South Africa

Immigrate to Montenegro from South Africa

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Immigrate-to-Montenegro-from-South-AfricaMoving to Europe is a hard decision when considering there are so many countries that offer great living conditions. Europe is divided into EU member states and non-EU countries, but there are also countries in the process of entering the Union, such as Montenegro.
Citizens of South Africa who can find the conditions imposed by EU countries difficult can choose Montenegro thanks to the friendly visa system and move here temporarily or permanently.
Below, our immigration lawyers in Montenegro can assist South African citizens who want to move here. All the details are provided below.

Visas and special programs for immigration to Montenegro from South Africa

South African citizens who want to relocate to Montenegro can apply for ordinary visas, such as temporary residence permits or employment visas, or can use the special immigration schemes enabled by the government such as the Residence by Investment Scheme or the StartUp Visa Program.
These programs are also available for citizens of the United States who want to move to Montenegro.
The following types of visas are available when seeking to immigrate to Montenegro from South Africa:
  1. tourist visas under which South African citizens can complete various formalities before moving here for longer timeframes,
  2. work visas which imply obtaining labor contracts before entering Montenegro,
  3. business visas which make them directly eligible for Montenegrin residency,
  4. student visas are also available for those planning to study and then remain in Montenegro,
  5. the above-mentioned StartUp and Residency by Investment Programs.
With the help of our immigration lawyers in Montenegro, you can apply for any of the types of visas if you are a South African citizen.

Temporary relocation from South Africa to Montenegro

The short-term residence permit that can be obtained by South African citizens who want to immigrate to Montenegro has a validity period of no more than 90 days or 3 calendar months. This type of residence permit can be obtained when the applicant is offered a fixed-term employment contract or a student visa.
This type of residence permit can be renewed several times until permanent residence can be obtained. However, to get rid of the stress of checking the expiry date every few months, the permanent residence is preferred by many foreign citizens, including South African ones.
If you decide to emigrate from South Africa to Montenegro based on this type of residence permit, our law firm can help you.
You can reach out to us if you have other questions about immigration to Montenegro.
You can also rely on us if you are an UK citizen who want to move to Montenegro.

The main pathways to permanent residence in Montenegro as a South African citizen

Montenegro is an open country when it comes to permanent residence and citizenship option for foreign nationals. Those who plant to immigrate to Montenegro from South Africa on a permanent basis has several options. The first one of temporary residence that must be maintained for 5 years before obtaining a permanent residence permit.
Starting a company in Montenegro will also make South African citizens eligible for temporary followed by permanent residence.
Then, there are the StartUp Visa and the Residence by Investment programs which imply making a contribution to the Montenegrin economy in exchange for various benefits.
The conditions of the Montenegro Residence by Investment scheme imply:
  • an investment of at least 250,000 euros in projects located in underdeveloped zones in Montenegro,
  • or a minimum investment of 450,000 euros in projects located in developed areas,
  • a government fee of 100,000 euros is required both types of investments,
  • a guarantee of 15,000 euros is also required for the applicant.
When seeking to immigrate with family members, for each of them 10,000 euros is required, if their number does not exceed 4 applicants.
Under the StartUp Visa, the minimum amount of money required is 100,000 euros, however, it comes with the condition for the money to be injected in a company. We are at your service if you decide to apply for Montenegro citizenship. It should be noted that starting with January, 2023, the Residency by Investment Scheme is no longer available.
Under the first scheme, South African citizens who relocate to Montenegro, the option of buying a property makes the program more attractive.

Citizenship in Montenegro for South African nationals

Once relocated to Montenegro, South African citizens must register with the tax authorities and with the national healthcare system. If they live in Montenegro for 10 years, they can apply for citizenship.
Another way to obtain Montenegrin citizenship is by marriage, however, specific conditions apply in this case.
For guidance on the most suitable way to relocate to Montenegro from South Africa, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.

We can answer all questions related to immigration to Montenegro.