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Immigrate to Montenegro from UK

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Immigrate-to-Montenegro-from-UKMontenegro is one of the most appreciated non-EU economies in Southeastern Europe and this attracts a great number of citizens of neighboring countries and from other European states. This is also the case of UK citizens who find plenty of opportunities here.
If you want to immigrate to Montenegro from UK and need legal advice on the steps to complete, you can fully rely on our lawyers. Our Montenegro law firm is at your service for guidance and assistance in applying for a residence permit.

Visa requirements for UK citizens moving to Montenegro

Immigration to Montenegro from UK is not conditioned by the UK exiting the European Union, as Montenegro is not a member state up to this point, which is an important reason for British citizens to choose it as their business or work destination.
UK citizens do not need to go through complicated procedures if they want to relocate to Montenegro, however, during their visit here they must have a valid passport (the minimum validity required by the Montenegrin authorities is 3 months).
It should be noted that UK citizens do not need a tourist visa, a transit visa, or a business visa if their stay in Montenegro does not exceed 90 days.
For a residence permit, UK citizens will need to comply with specific requirements which can be explained by our immigration lawyers in Montenegro.

Types of Montenegrin residence permits for UK citizens

Montenegro residence permits can be divided into temporary and permanent ones, however, there is also the category of visas for high net worth investors.
The following documents need to be prepared when moving to Montenegro from UK based on a temporary or permanent residence permit:
  • the valid passport;
  • information about the reason of relocation;
  • various documents related to the qualifications and skills of the applicant.
Residency in Montenegro can be obtained by UK citizens under one of the following reasons:
  • business;
  • study;
  • employment;
  • investment.
There is a clear distinction between business and investment residency, as each comes with its own requirements.
Our Montenegro lawyers can offer more information on the requirements related to immigration from UK.

Relocate to Montenegro from UK for study and employment purposes

Two of the easiest ways of immigrating to Montenegro from UK is through student and employment visas.
It is very easy for British citizens who study in Montenegro to remain here after completing their studies, while employment visas are available for those who find work in local companies.
If for students an admission letter to a Montenegrin university can be used for the visa, in the case of employees, the work contract will help UK citizens move here.
If you are interested in immigration based on employment, our lawyers in Montenegro can offer more information on the Labor Code, in addition to immigration to Montenegro.

Business immigration to Montenegro for UK citizens

Business immigration to Montenegro from UK implies the following requirements:
  1. for the UK citizen to start a company in Montenegro (any legal entity can be employed);
  2. for the UK citizen to become an executive director in the company;
  3. based on these aspects, temporary residence is obtained for one year;
  4. the permit can be renewed for another year if the applicant wants to remain in Montenegro.
All applications for temporary and permanent residence permits are processed by the Ministry of Interior in Montenegro
Business migration can also lead to Montenegro citizenship.

Residency by investment in Montenegro for British citizens

One of the most sought ways of moving to Montenegro is through the residency by investment program. This also applies to UK citizens who can move here by starting a business or by purchasing real estate.
The following conditions apply to those who want to immigrate to Montenegro from UK based on the residency by investment scheme:
  • the UK citizen must inject at least 250,000 euros in a project located in an underdeveloped area of the country;
  • the British citizen can choose to invest a minimum of 450,000 euros in a project is a developed region of Montenegro;
  • the investment must be accompanied by the payment of a government fee of 100,000 euros;
  • a guarantee of 15,000 euros is also required upon relocation to Montenegro;
  •  additionally, 10,000 euros per family member moving here is also required.
The minimum amount of money to be invested under this scheme is 350,000 euros, which represents one of the lowest residency by investment schemes in Europe.
The residency by investment program was closed at the beginning of 2023. Our immigration lawyers in Montenegro can give you more details on other alternatives.
Permanent residency can be obtained after 5 years of living in Montenegro under this program, then citizenship can be requested.
If you want to relocate to Montenegro from UK and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for more information about immigration to Montenegro.