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Immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Immigrate to Montenegro from UkraineIf you want to immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine, you should be aware that applying for a permanent residence permit, and citizenship in this country is quick and simple. You are welcome to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Montenegro.
Legal help can make the whole relocation process easier. So, t is recommended to must avail of legal services once you finally decide to move to Montenegro from Ukraine.

Types of visas in Montenegro

If you want to immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine on different types of visas, please find general information below. Whereas, for detailed guidance, you can consult with our attorneys in Montenegro:
  • Long-term visa in Montenegro
Within a year of initial admission, this visa is granted to foreign residents who wish to relocate to Montenegro from Ukraine for a period exceeding 90 days but not exceeding 6 months. One or more entries are permitted with this visa. To apply for a residence permit based on employment, a Ukrainian citizen must have a long-term visa.
Our knowledgeable attorneys can provide legal assistance if you want to immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine on a long-term visa. You will receive thorough, practical legal guidance from our Montenegrin attorneys.
  • Short-term visa in Montenegro
To travel to Montenegro for vacation, business, or other purposes, a short-term visa is provided. Depending on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ approval, it may permit a single entry or numerous entries. For up to a year, a multiple entry visa may be issued. Visitors with this visa are allowed to stay in Montenegro for a total of 90 days within 180 days, starting on the day they arrive. If you want to move to Montenegro from Ukraine for a short term, you can interact with our immigration lawyers. The specialists at our law firm in Montenegro can assist you in this matter.
  • A visa in Montenegro
This visa is granted for one or more trips via the airport of Montenegro's international transit zone. You must be aware that leaving the airport to travel between two different airports is not permitted. The flight tickets may require you to check out and then check back in the same day for a different flight within 12 hours.
Our attorneys can provide you with further information if you want to immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine on any type of visa discussed above. They can offer you complete support throughout the immigration process.

Temporary protection for Ukrainians in Montenegro 

The EU Directive 2001/55/EC, which was activated for Ukrainians by Council Decision 2022/382 on March 4, 2022, is the main document governing the supply of temporary protection to individuals who are fleeing the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Ukrainians can acquire the status of temporary protection in Montenegro. Additionally, interim protection against Ukrainians escaping conflict is enabled as soon as they approach the Montenegrin border. The right to work and access to healthcare, education, and housing are privileges that Ukrainian citizens can immediately make use of after registering with the appropriate government agencies.
The Montenegro concerned authorities inform the individual of his/her right to temporary protection when he/she relocates to Montenegro from Ukraine. However, it is suggested that you interact with our attorneys in Montenegro. They can guide you effectively to help you to move to Montenegro from Ukraine for the sake of gaining temporary protection. Additionally, receiving temporary protection in Montenegro does not automatically provide the recipient refugee status; although, the applicant can apply anytime to acquire refugee status. If you want to immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine under refugee status, you can rely on the practical legal assistance of our lawyers. 

Validity of temporary protection in Montenegro 

The duration of temporary protection is one year, with the option of two automatic extensions of six months provided the circumstances warranting such protection continue. At the same time, the European Commission has the option to suggest or approve an additional year's term. As a result, when the war in Ukraine is over, the temporary protection for Ukrainian people living in Montenegro will also disappear. So, if you want to immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine to avail of this temporary protection, you can get in touch with our lawyers. 
Furthermore, if you are interested to open a company in this country, the skilled lawyers at our law firm in Montenegro can help you. They can also assist you to avail of any further licenses for the regulation of your business. 

Montenegro's immigration statistics

It might be a good time for you to relocate to Montenegro from Ukraine. Considering the benefits this country provides, the immigrant population in this country is growing. The Montenegro immigration statistics are provided below:
  • The number of immigrants in Montenegro in 2010 was 78,507.00;
  • In 2015, that number rose to 82,541.00, almost 5.14% more than in 2010.
For thorough legal assistance, contact our Montenegro attorneys. Their advice will enable you to immigrate to Montenegro from Ukraine without needless delay.
If you have questions about value-added tax (VAT) in this nation, feel free to interact with our lawyers in Montenegro. They will provide you with comprehensive guidance to understand and comply with VAT regulations in Montenegro.