IT law in Montenegro

IT law in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 30th January 2023

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IT law in Montenegro regulates the way in which companies can utilize the internet or computer programs which fall under copyright provisions. With more and more online companies in Montenegro, as well as with a rising importance in the utilization of social platforms for commercial and marketing purposes, Montenegro has included in the local legal framework particular acts which refer to information technology and communication. Our law firm in Montenegro can provide to clients an overall picture of the IT Law in this country so that you can make sure your company operates in full compliance with the Montenegro standards.

Software use and data protection in Montenegro 

If you open a company in Montenegro you will most likely need to use software in various departments of your enterprise. From simple billing programs to more specialized software needed in each particular activity, you need to make sure you buy the licenses and use them in legal conditions. 
Another aspect you need to consider is data privacy, related to information concerning your clients or partner companies. Specific regulations concerning data protection for your employees are also included in the Montenegro legal system. In order to comply with the legislation you need to ensure you obtain powerful technological instruments which can grant the information from unwanted cyber-intrusion. Our attorneys in Montenegro can represent you in situations which relate to the security of the data stored by your company.

Copyright protection in Montenegro

Regardless whether your company in Montenegro works in the information technology domain or not, you can benefit in this country of copyright protection. You need to be careful which clauses you include in your contracts with other business entities regarding the right to reproduce or modify specific programs or software products. 
Business concepts or products fall also under the protection of trademark law in Montenegro, which protects your company image and identity. Feel free to contact one of our Montenegro lawyers in order to find out more information concerning the IT law in this country and its relevance for your business. In addition to this, the services of our immigration lawyers are at your disposal if you want to apply for a Montenegro passport. When compared to other jurisdictions that give simple citizenship for sponsorship, obtaining a passport from this nation is a very straightforward process that does not involve substantial financial inputs. Here is a chance to get a passport for investors as fast and easily as possible with full help from lawyers in the execution of paperwork, as well as to make use of this nation's advantages.