Open a Recruitment Company in Montenegro

Open a Recruitment Company in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 27th February 2023

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Open-a-Recruitment-Company-in-MontenegroStarting a company in Montenegro has many benefits for the foreign investors deciding to set up businesses in Southeastern Europe. Tourism, finances and IT are just a few of the industries which are representative for the Montenegro economy. An important part of the procedure of starting a business is hiring the workers to complete the company’s activities. From this point of view, Montenegro is a small country and even if it has a competent workforce, the labor market is still in need of more personnel. With the labor force being such a valuable asset, setting up a recruitment agency in Montenegro can be a very good idea.

There are no special requirements to comply with when opening a recruitment company in Montenegro, however, the business owners will need to respect the provisions of the Company Act and the Employment Law. Our law firm in Montenegro can help foreign investors who want to start staffing agencies in this country. As a foreign entrepreneur, you can rely on us for various legal services related to the registration of a company in Montenegro.

Choosing a legal entity for an employment company in Montenegro

One of the first and most important steps when opening a recruitment business in Montenegro is selecting the legal entity under which the business will operate. Both local and foreign entrepreneurs benefit from the same conditions when registering a company in this country, however foreigners are required to obtain a residence permit before starting the incorporation procedure.

Back to the type of structure which can be used for opening a recruitment agency, one can select the sole proprietorship if the businessman intends to work independently or cooperate with other agencies, the partnership which is a good idea for foreign entrepreneurs who can have a local partner or the private limited liability company which is most of the time the best option thanks to the high degree of independence of the owner for the business’ debts.

No matter the type of structure chosen, foreign citizens seeking to create employment agencies in this country can rely on our lawyers in Montenegro for assistance with the preparation and filing of the documents with the Trade Register, but also in applying for a work or residence permit.

Recruitment agencies and the Montenegro Employment Law

The registration of an employment agency falls under the provisions of the Company Act in Montenegro which provides for the business to be incorporated with the Trade Register and obtain a business license under which it can operate. Once it is registered with the Companies Register and the tax authorities, the staffing agency will need to comply with the requirements of the Employment Law which provides for the conditions of hiring personnel.

Considering Montenegro employment agencies can outsource personnel for other companies they also have the obligation of treating the persons they hire as their own employees for which they must guarantee:

  • -          a temporary or permanent work contract and a base salary for the employee;
  • -          to represent the employees in their relationships with the employer;
  • -          to secure the protection of the employees under the provisions of the Employment Law;
  • -          to offer equal treatment to local and foreign citizens brought for employment purposes;
  • -          comply with the obligations related to their condition as employers.

The Montenegro recruitment company also has the possibility of only finding suitable candidates for businesses requesting their services.

Our Montenegro lawyers can offer more information on the employment regulations applicable in this country. Aside from that, your desire to relocate to the Balkan country will necessitate you taking an essential step, which is to obtain a Montenegro residence permit. Gaining residency is unquestionably possible here because Montenegro recognizes that immigration will be the driving force behind future economic development. Although obtaining residency in this country is relatively difficult, there are a few key procedures that must be strictly followed. 

Services offered by employment agencies in Montenegro

One of the greatest advantages of opening a recruitment agency in Montenegro is the flexibility this business can benefit from and the wide range of services it can offer. Among these services are:

  • -          intermediating employment relations between job seekers and companies seeking workers;
  • -          finding suitable positions for people requesting their services for finding a job;
  • -          recruiting personnel on behalf of local or foreign companies operating in Montenegro;
  • -          human resources services, meaning a company can outsource this department to the recruitment agency;
  • -          posting and advertising job openings as requested by various companies;
  • -          searching for foreign workers on behalf of Montenegro companies.

The services which can be offered by a recruitment company in Montenegro are quite extensive, however, they must comply with the legal requirements imposed by the Employment Law.

For specialized assistance in opening a staffing agency as a foreigner in this country, please contact our Montenegro law firm. If you intend to relocate to Montenegro, our lawyers can also assist you. You must apply for a Montenegro visa at the Montenegro consulate in your home country. The processing time for a Montenegro visa is 14 working days. However, the processing time is affected by a number of factors, such as when the application is submitted, and how many applicants apply at the same time.