Open an Advertising Company in Montenegro

Open an Advertising Company in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 27th February 2023

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open-an-advertising-company-in-montenegro.jpgThe local government promotes the creative industries, among which the advertising industry is playing a key role. Montenegro represents a small, however, rapidly developing market, with the main focus being located in the capital of the country, Podgorica. In this article, our lawyers in Montenegro explain a few key points related to opening an advertising agency in Montenegro.

What does an advertising agency in Montenegro do?

An advertising agency in Montenegro creates, manages and plans the advertising for clients in this country.
This type of agencies specialize in different specific domains, like interactive advertising, or they can provide full-services which generate advertising materials such as websites, social and online campaigns, catalogues, brochures, radio and TV commercials, sales letters and so on.
Our attorneys in Montenegro can assist you to open such an agency here. They can also assist you if you want to apply for Montenegrin citizenship. For the duration of their application, candidates are not needed to reside in Montenegro. For a five-year term, families are only required to stay in the nation for five days. If you are interested in further details regarding citizenship by investment in this country, you are welcome to interact with our immigration lawyers.

What is the most popular type of advertising agency in Montenegro?

The most popular business structure for an advertising agency in Montenegro is the limited liability company (D.O.O.).
To register such a company in this jurisdiction, certain documents must be provided to the relevant local authorities. Our Montenegro lawyers can offer all the information related to these documents.
Then, a Certificate of Registration is issued and the registration announcement is published in the Official Gazette.

How does an advertising agency function?

An advertising agency promotes its services based on which it attracts its clients. Next, these services are provided based on a contract.
Our law firm in Montenegro can help entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up an advertising agency here.  
Besides assisting you with opening an advertising company in Montenegro, our lawyers can also help you with other matters that require legal insight. For instance, if you intend to move to Montenegro, our immigration attorneys can offer you their services. They will explain the various types of Montenegrin visas available and which one is ideal for you based on your circumstances.

What is a full-service advertising agency in Montenegro?

Full-service advertising agencies in Montenegro generally provide the following services:
  1. They are usually large size businesses which have the ability to provide these full advertising services;
  2. They deal with all the stages of the advertising campaign for their clients;
  3. They employ various experts from different departments to handle the advertising campaign;
  4. They begin their work from gathering data and analyzing it and ends up with the bill payments to the media individuals.
If you require more details about how to open an advertising company in Montenegro, or for any kind of legal advice, please get in touch with our Montenegro law firm.