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Personnel Relocation to Montenegro

Updated on Friday 24th February 2023

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Personnel Relocation to Montenegro
Montenegro has plenty of potential for international operations. If you are interested in relocating your business there along with the personnel, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. Get in touch with our lawyers in Montenegro for their services. They can guide you in detail about personnel relocation to Montenegro

Montenegrin visas for relocation

If you are planning to expand your business operations to Montenegro, it is recommended. But it can only be successfully done when you also trust the abilities of your employees. Due to this reason, most employers prefer their own employees’ relocation to Montenegro. If you are planning such a thing, you are welcome to get in touch with our expert Montenegrin lawyers. With the assistance of our local lawyers, you can easily relocate personnel to Montenegro. Below is general information available on which visas an employee can relocate to Montenegro:
Three distinct types of work licenses are issued by the Montenegrin government to regulate the hiring of foreign nationals in the country. If you are an employee, you can get your personnel relocated to Montenegro on these visas:
1.      For temporary business objectives such as seasonal employment, training, contract labor, and other business-related activities, a work permit is provided. So, if you need a work permit for the reasons mentioned before, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers in Montenegro. 
2.      Foreign nationals who reside in Montenegro are eligible to receive personal work permits. A personal work permit may be granted for a period of up to one year, and during that time, the bearer is free to apply for employment. If you are interested to get more information about a personal work permit, consult with our lawyers. They will not only offer you comprehensive information on this matter but also assist you with employee relocation to Montenegro
3.      In Montenegro, employment permits are given to foreign nationals upon request from an employer. As an employer, you can request employment permits for the employees you hire and get your personnel relocated to Montenegro.
If you have any additional questions in this regard, you are welcome to get in touch with lawyers at our law firm in Montenegro. They will answer all your concerns in detail. 

Procedure for getting a work visa/permit in Montenegro

You are welcome to consult with our lawyers if you need assistance with the procedure of work visa/permit application. Your personnel need to apply for a residence permit at the Montenegrin embassy in their country. The application procedure for the work or employment permit should be handled by the employer. This may also be done through a Montenegrin embassy or consulate, and it typically takes four weeks to process. The Montenegrin law states that foreigners may be employed, or work, in Montenegro as long as they comply with the requirements. For instance; they hold a work permit, permission for permanent or temporary residence, a labor contract, and proof that the taxpayer has reported the foreigner's work.
The Montenegro Employment Bureau is responsible for distributing all work permits in the country. Since obtaining a work visa in Montenegro normally takes approximately a month, it is advised that international workers start the application procedure well before their intended travel date. If you are looking for the services of lawyers for personnel relocation to Montenegro, consult with our lawyers. They can guide you in detail regarding when to file an application.
Furthermore, the employer in Montenegro is in charge of starting the request for an employment permit for those who are not required to get a visa to enter the country. Whereas, foreigners who do require a visa to enter the country must submit an application for a permit at the embassy in their home country. In both situations discussed above, the worker is free to come to Montenegro and start working when the employment visa has been granted. If you need further information on personnel relocation to Montenegro, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. Get in touch with our lawyers to learn about our other services. 

Montenegro immigration statistics

If you are interested in personnel relocation to Montenegro, please find below the immigration statistics:
  • The number of immigrants who entered Montenegro in 2010 was 78,507;
  • Montenegro welcomed 82,541.00 immigrants in 2015, about 5.14% more from 2010.
Contact our immigration lawyers if you need assistance with personnel relocation to Montenegro. Our lawyers will not only guide you about the available visas for relocation but also practically assist you with the application procedure.