Real Estate Due Diligence in Montenegro

Real Estate Due Diligence in Montenegro

Updated on Tuesday 27th December 2022

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If you intend to buy a property in Montenegro, then you might be interested to employ a real estate due diligence service from a local law firm. The procedure implies the investigation of the property and an evaluation of the owner’s situation, in order to identify eventual risks, and to protect you from potentially unwanted future events. Our law firm in Montenegro provides due diligence services to clients interested in an honest and extensive evaluation of a property.  

Real estate due diligence procedure in Montenegro

Many of those who want to buy a property in Montenegro might not be familiarized with the country's different regions and particularities. As purchasing a property implies a significant investment it is advisable to rely on the lawyers in Montenegro who can not only inform you on the taxation in this country but also protect your interests and negotiate advantageous terms for you. You must specify what are the aspects that weight the most for you, both concerning the type of property you are looking for and the conditions in which you want your investment to take place. Accordingly our lawyers in Montenegro will:
  • gather the most relevant information on the properties in which you have an interest;
  • check for risks and potential hidden minuses of the property;
  • verify whether reconstructions in the area are allowed, if you intend to intervene on the building;
  • negotiate the contract along with the financial aspects;
  • elaborate the documentation required by the authorities in the transfer of property.

Checklist items for real estate due diligence in Montenegro

The due diligence operation requires the attention of an experienced Montenegro law firm. Our lawyers rely in their analysis and evaluations on a checklist which has been especially designed in order to cover the most relevant aspects of the property acquisition such as:
  • clarifying the ownership history, in order to prevent litigious situations regarding inheritance;
  • verification of the boundaries and location of the property and the inspection of the building premises;
  • informing you on the utility and maintenance costs, so that you can have a realistic picture of the future monthly expenditures;
  • the evaluation of the surroundings, so that you invest in a good region in Montenegro; 
  • assistance with the elaboration of a funding strategy, including the application for a bank loan;
  • checking the good intentions and honesty of the contracting parts;
  • contract negotiation and elaboration;
  • help in obtaining of eventual authorizations, if required.
You can call on our attorneys in Montenegro for a trustworthy real estate due diligence service. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let the property acquisition in Montenegro be as well a secure, well calculated investment in this country.  Furthermore, if you are interested to apply for a Montenegrin residence permit, consult with our lawyers. Grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit exist, such as for worldwide celebrities, medical treatment, scientific study, and humanitarian activities, although they are rare. Also take notice of the stipulation that to be eligible for temporary residency under the real estate clause, you must be the owner of a home, condo, hotel, etc.