Set Up an Amazon Store in Montenegro

Set Up an Amazon Store in Montenegro

Updated on Saturday 08th December 2018

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Set-Up-an-Amazon-Store-in-Montenegro.jpgAmazon, which started operating a small e-commerce shop in 1994, is currently the largest online platform in the world which allows independent sellers to use the platform in order to sell various products.

Amazon registered spectacular growing sales numbers on a yearly basis since it started operating, with the second quarter of 2018 registering an increase of more than 60% compared to the same period of last year.

Foreign and local entrepreneurs operating in Montenegro are also welcome to open Amazon stores and sell directly from this country by using the retailer’s platform. Our lawyers in Montenegro have prepared a small guide on how to open an Amazon store in this country.

Registering a business for selling on Amazon from Montenegro

In order to open an Amazon store in Montenegro, a businessman must first register a company with the Trade Register here. The sole proprietorship and the limited liability company are the most employed structures for e-commerce shops, however, our Montenegro law firm recommends entrepreneurs to choose the limited liability company because of the limited liability of the shareholders and the minimum share capital of 1 euro.

Steps for setting up the Amazon store in Montenegro

Once the Montenegro company is registered, the seller must go to the Amazon platform for traders and register there by completing the following steps:

  • - creating and an account and decide for the type of seller they want to be: professional or non-professional;
  • - choose among the category of products which can be sold and decide how many products they will sell;
  • - list the products they want to sell – these can be Amazon products or external products;
  • - create a merchant account with a bank or payment service provider in Montenegro.

It should be noted that the creation of a merchant account is mandatory when opening an Amazon store in Montenegro.

Our Montenegro lawyers can help investors in creating merchant accounts.

How to open a merchant account for an Amazon shop in Montenegro

The opening of a merchant account can be created by submitting information about the company and the website, in this case, Amazon, with the Montenegro bank or local payment service provider. The account is set up in a few days.

For assistance in opening an Amazon store, please feel free to contact our law firm in Montenegro.