Start a Catering Business in Montenegro

Start a Catering Business in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 27th February 2023

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Start-a-catering-business-in-Montenegro.jpgThe food industry is one of the most prolific economic activities in Montenegro. Foreign investors are welcome to open companies in the food sector in this country and the wide variety of businesses they can establish attracts many of them on a yearly basis.

Foreign entrepreneurs can open small or medium-sized companies which can take the form of agricultural businesses, restaurants and catering establishments in Montenegro. No matter the option, they must respect the local legislation which can be explained by our lawyers in Montenegro.

Laws related to opening a catering business in Montenegro

Both local and foreign investors who open catering companies in Montenegro must respect:

  • -          the Food Safety Act which stipulates the norms related to food safety standards;
  • -          the Veterinary Law which provides for companies handling food products of animal origin;
  • -          the Tourism and Hospitality Law which applies to companies in tourism serving food;
  • -          the Company Law which provides for the registration of companies in Montenegro.

Our law firm in Montenegro can handle the registration procedure for a business destined for catering activities.

Registering a catering business with the help of our Montenegro lawyers

Our lawyers in Montenegro can help foreign investors who want to start catering companies in this country. We can guide in:

  • -          choosing the business form in accordance with the size of their business;
  • -          preparing the documents needed to register the company with the Trade Register;
  • -          complying with the regulations related to handling, selling and serving foods and beverages;
  • -          applying for the licenses related to operating as a catering establishment here.

We remind foreign investors that Montenegro is not an EU state, therefore the legislation applicable to catering businesses is subject to specific requirements. Furthermore, you can also learn about the Montenegrin residency permit requirements from our immigration lawyers. Any foreigner who acquires temporary residency may be in this country and rejoin his/her family. The remaining family can be reunited and granted temporary residency permits if one of the spouses is a Montenegrin native. Get in touch with our lawyers to learn more about getting residency based on family reunification. 

Licenses for catering companies in Montenegro

When it comes to the licenses needed to open a catering business in Montenegro, investors need to obtain import permits for all the products imported from EU and non-EU countries. They must also apply for operating licenses from the Ministry and the Health and the Ministry of Agriculture.

For assistance in setting up a catering company, please contact our Montenegro law firm.  In addition to this, if you are planning to relocate to Montenegro, please get in touch with our immigration lawyers. Montenegro is currently a very appealing country for investors, retirees, and business people. The country has a high standard of living, beautiful scenery, and a welcoming immigration policy toward both EU and non-EU nationals. Our immigration lawyers can describe to you which procedure applies to you for relocation to this country.