Virtual Office in Montenegro

Virtual Office in Montenegro

Updated on Monday 13th April 2020

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The virtual office is part of a new industry called workspace and is an address or a remote office which can be used for various reasons. In Montenegro, most of the times, the virtual office is used by those who want to open companies and need a legal address for the business to be incorporated. 
The virtual office in Montenegro is a financially advantageous alternative for businessmen interested in having a business presence in this country.  This type of office is a very popular option for many investors because it provides increased mobility and flexibility. The elements which refer to contact details such as phone number and address are intermediated in order to simplify your activity.

lawyers in Montenegro can provide this service in order to help you conduct your business activity without the costs implied by the acquisition of a standard office.
We can also help foreign investors who want to register companies in Montenegro with the help of a virtual office as a business address.

Virtual office services offered by our law firm in Montenegro

When you intend to open a company in Montenegro, you might choose the virtual office strategy which is not only full of advantages but also quite simple. What a virtual office in Montenegro needs is an address that might sound familiar and safe in the ears of your customers.
Our law firm in Montenegro can provide you with:
  • A prestigious business address in Podgorica, which can contribute to the first impression of your company and it can give you a plus of credibility;
  • Registered office, which is required by the Montenegro authorities in case you want to establish a company in this country;
  • Mail collection and forwarding - all documents sent by the authorities, clients or business partners are received and sent to you as soon as possible;
  • A local phone number in Montenegro through which you will receive messages which are processed and sent to you ;
  • Voice mailbox is also available if you need such a service, and the messages will be stored and sent to you if required.
If you have no previous experience with a virtual office in Montenegro it is recommendable to employ a Montenegro law firm that can provide professional assistance. 
We invite you to read about the Montenegro virtual office in the infographic below:
Virtual Office in Montenegro

Additional virtual office services in Montenegro

Our law firm in Montenegro offers additionally the following services:
  • Dedicated fax service, providing a private and dedicated number;
  • Call redirecting - we manage the calls you receive by redirecting them to your primary number through the specialized technology that we employ;
  • Extra usage of the meeting room, for the situations you need one in your business activity.

The uses of a virtual office in Montenegro

Even if the virtual office is primarily used by investors who register businesses in Montenegro, it can also be used for other reasons, among which one of the most popular is having a presence on the local market. Both local and foreign entrepreneurs can use virtual office services in Montenegro, as this is a very flexible and convenient service from a financial point of view.
Among the other uses of a Montenegrin virtual office we mention the following:
  1.  the virtual office can also be used by a local company seeking to have a presence in another Montenegrin city;
  2.  the virtual office can be used as a contact point for a short period of time, while a business owner is engaged in other activities;
  3.  a virtual office is a good option for foreign investors and companies seeking to open a company in Montenegro, but first, want to have a contact point here;
  4.  the virtual office can also be employed by sole proprietorships seeking to have an address in a city in Montenegro;
  5.  the virtual office can also be used by Montenegrin freelancers interested in obtaining such services.
Compared to a few years ago, when this service was not that much employed, the virtual office is now quite common in Montenegro. Our lawyers in Montenegro can offer detailed information about the uses of a virtual office and the services which can be acquired with it.

Using a virtual office as a business address in Montenegro

The virtual office appeared as a quick and secure legal address solution for those who want to register companies in Montenegro. However, it is important to notice that the virtual office can be used for a limited period of time and it is based on a services contract. After the Montenegro company is registered, the business owner will usually find a conventional space to use for the company’s activities. This is also because the virtual office cannot be used to complete any commercial activities.
The virtual office can also be used by existing companies seeking to have a contact point in another city in Montenegro.
Our law firm in Montenegro offers virtual office services at very advantageous rates, in accordance with the needs and requests of clients.

The Montenegro virtual office vs the liaison office

There are cases in which the virtual office is mistaken with a liaison or representative office, however, the most important difference between them is that the virtual office is a paid service, while the representative office is recognized by the Company Law in Montenegro as an extension of a foreign company seeking to complete non-commercial activities in this country.
From a legal point of view, the virtual office can only be used as a contact point which usually implies the services mentioned above. In the last few years, the virtual assistant has become a part of the virtual office services offered in Montenegro.
You can ask our law firm in Montenegro for personalized virtual office services in Podgorica or other large cities in this country.

The advantages of a virtual office in Montenegro

The most important advantage of asking for a virtual office in Montenegro is the price: this service is one of the cheapest when it comes to using an official address as a company address. The virtual office implies a set of services which can be personalized based on the clients’ requests.
The virtual office will ensure a secure, fast collection and distribution of official documents to clients, which why many foreign business owners decide for services in the first place.
When it comes to employment, the virtual office offers another great benefit: there is no need to hire employees or relocate workers from another country to the virtual office, and thus the employment costs are minimized to the lowest.
Another benefit of virtual offices in Montenegro is that the addresses used are located in important and prestigious business centers, however, the prices related to the services provided here are lower than when renting the office space alone. At last, the contract can be signed for the period the client needs the service.
We kindly invite you to contact our lawyers in Montenegro for professional advice and a personalized virtual office package in Montenegro. You can also rely on us if you are interested in registering a company in Montenegro.