Civil Law of Montenegro

Civil law of Montenegro

Updated on Monday 02nd August 2021

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Civil law is a form of legal system which codifies all civil principles and serves as the primary source of law. This is different from common law wherein the primary sources of law are those that come from judicial decisions interpreting a certain set of facts. Civil law in Montenegro involves many set of laws. Among them are the Family Law, the Law of Contracts and Torts, and the Property Relations Act. The associates in our law firm in Montenegro are knowledgeable on all these laws.

Family Law in Montenegro

This law governs marriage and marital relationships, parent and child relationships, adoption and family placement, custody, support, property relationship among the family, parental authority, and family relations. One of the important provisions in the Family law in Montenegro is the one on marriage which states that it is entered into by a man and a woman with their consent given freely. The family law also provides for the essential requisites of marriage, as well as the obligations between husband and wife. The law also provides for the rights of the child and the corresponding obligation of the parents towards them. Our lawyers in Montenegro can help you get familiarized with the family law.

Law of Contracts and Torts in Montenegro

This law governs obligations arising from contracts, damages, torts, illegal acquisitions, unauthorized transactions, and unilateral consent. A significant provision under this law is the principle on freedom of choice. This means that parties to an obligation are free to enter into any agreement as long as it is within the bounds of law, public policy, and good faith. The parties are also treated equally in the eyes of the law. Another important provision under this law is the prohibition on the abuse of rights. The principle states that when a person exercises one’s rights or obligations, he/she should do so in good faith and not in an abusive manner. Our attorneys in Montenegro have handles cases involving the Law on Contracts and Torts.

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Property Relations Act of Montenegro

This law governs the ownership, property rights, acquisition, possession, protection, transfer, and termination of property rights. A significant provision under this law is the prohibition of foreign individuals and corporations from acquiring natural resources, agricultural land, public goods, woods and woodland, real estate, and cultural monuments. The law also provides the obligations between a seller and a buyer of property such as the duty to always deal in good faith. Let our Montenegro law firm represent you in protecting your property rights.

There are more laws under the civil law of Montenegro. If you want to know more about these laws or if you are looking for someone to represent you, just get in touch with our Montenegro lawyers. They can offer you legal representation before any courts of justice in the country.