Legal Services in Montenegro

Legal Services in Montenegro

Updated on Saturday 27th August 2022

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Moving to a new country should imply specialized advice with respect to the laws of that state. This is also the case of Montenegro which is currently not part of the European Union, therefore the laws here are quite different.
With a vast experience in all types of legal matters, our law firm in Montenegro can advise foreign citizens from all over the world, no matter if they want to open companies here or if they simply need assistance in relocating here for work purposes.
Successful investment in Montenegro requires specific legal procedures. Depending on your previous experience in the legal environment and in particular on how familiar you are with the local language and formalities, you might consider employing the legal services provided by our attorneys in Montenegro. Our legal services cover all areas of the law and if you need professional guidance, you can rely on our attorneys in Montenegro.
In the following article, you will find a description of some of these services. 

The legal services provided by our Montenegro lawyers

In the list below are just a few of the legal services offered by our lawyers for those interested in obtaining legal assistance in Montenegro:
  • guidance in various corporate matters which can range from starting a business to liquidating it;
  • legal advice in litigation matters, including debt collection, employment issues, and contractual disputes;
  • assistance in civil matters related to family matters: marriage, divorce and child custody;
  • assistance in taxation matters – our lawyers can explain the tax legislation in Montenegro.
If there is any legal aspect that was not covered in the list above, we encourage you to reach out to our Montenegro law firm and simply ask us about your problem.
Below, we will offer detailed information about some of the legal services available in Montenegro.

Assistance in civil matters in Montenegro

The Montenegro Civil Law is very complex and understanding all the aspects related to a single procedure could be, in fact, more complicated. This is why we have a team of lawyers who specialize in civil matters, among which assistance in family matters.
Our family lawyers in Montenegro can guide foreign citizens who want to get married or divorced in this country. They should know that the documents required in various civil proceedings depend on their residence status and on their nationality.
We can also offer legal assistance to those in need of guidance in child custody and maintenance, and in spousal support after divorce. Our legal services cover procedures completed with the Montenegro courts, but also arbitration and mediation.
In order to benefit from the best results, we invite you to come for an initial meeting and establish the best course of action in accordance with your needs and on your case. We remind that all our legal services are personalized.

Assistance in obtaining residence permits and citizenship in Montenegro

One of the most sought legal services is related to the procedure of applying for a work and residence permit. We mentioned before that Montenegro is not part of the European Union, therefore the procedure of obtaining any of these permits implies specific steps. Among these, preparing a set of documents in accordance with the type of visa to be obtained and ensuring sufficient funds for living here.
We offer legal assistance to those immigrating to Montenegro for work or investment reasons.
It is important to know that the documents required for each immigration to Montenegro case depend on the nationality of the applicant and the reasons one wants to move to the country.
Our immigration lawyers in Montenegro can answer questions based on the applicant's nationality.
Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeastern Europe which is why it attracts many foreign citizens who move here with the intention of living for large periods of time or even retire here. Those interested in moving to Montenegro can obtain support in applying for citizenship after they have lived here for a specific period of time.
There is also the possibility of acquiring a Montenegro passport by investment. This option was created in 2018 and is currently one of the most successful citizenship by investment programs in Europe, as it offers the possibility of acquiring a Montenegro citizenship in a very short timespan with one of the lowest amounts of money to be invested - 350,000 euros.
Our lawyers in Montenegro can explain the criteria related to obtaining citizenship in this country, whether after living here based on a residence permit or by investment.
Among the legal services offered by our Montenegro law firm, we mention the assistance in preparing the documents for applying for citizenship, the thorough assessment of each case in particular and support in connecting with the authorities for a fast track procedure.

Establishment of a company in Montenegro

When you intend to establish a new business in Montenegro, as a foreign investor, you need to know what options are available and which one of the existent legal forms is the one which best suits your company objectives. The procedure of establishment is a complex one, requiring the elaboration of documents and their submission to the official authorities. It is thus advisable to contact our local law firm and to rely on our legal expertise in company formation matters.
In the matter of opening a company in Montenegro we can help with the following:
  • consultancy in choosing the structure best suited to the need of the client;
  • preparation of all the documents related to registering the company, including making any copies, translations and notarization procedures;
  • filing the documents for opening the company with the authorities in charge;
  • obtaining the tax and VAT identification numbers and the licenses for a fast start of the activities.
Once the company is established, clients can also request other legal services that could ease the procedure of doing business in Montenegro, including advice on the legislation on foreign investments which will help them apply for governmental support.
When it comes to opening a business in Montenegro, we will first advise on all the types of structures available for registration and their requirements, as imposed by the Commercial Code. Foreign investors can set up the same types of business forms as local entrepreneurs, which is one of the greatest advantages this country has to offer. Among these, the limited liability company represents the safest option for investors when it comes to the protection of their personal assets.
We invite foreign investors who want to set up businesses in Montenegro to get in touch with our local lawyers for detailed information about the procedure of opening a company here and about the documents they need to prepare in order to benefit from a fast company incorporation procedure.
There are also clients who prefer to buy ready-made companies. We can accommodate that for you: we can help you choose the right type of shelf company, draft the paperwork for the transfer of ownership and file the necessary changes brought to the company with the Trade Register in Montenegro. The shelf company is a good option for those who want to start the operations as fast as possible. 
Our immigration lawyers in Montenegro will answer questions about company formation for foreign nationals and their temporary or permanent stay in the country.

Debt collection in Montenegro

The situations which involve the impossibility to satisfy a debt are to be settled according to the provisions of the debtor-creditor law in Montenegro. The proceedings prior to and consequent to the trial as well as the legal representation during the trial are carried out under the legal supervision of our local lawyer. 

Mergers and acquisitions

At any time of its business development, a company might be in the situation to initiate a merging or acquisition action. For a simplified procedure regarding the obtaining of the necessary documentation and for a smooth legal procedure we invite you to call on our Montenegro lawyers which will help you effectively accomplish the merging or the acquisition. 

Corporate litigations in Montenegro

In case of a legal dispute with another party, your company can address a complaint in court thus initiating a litigation process. However, in order to avoid such a long and costly process, you have the option to solve your problem by mediation or arbitration alternative procedure. Regardless of which of the cases you fall in, our law firm in Montenegro can provide its clients either court representation, or negotiation and all needed legal support in order to facilitate dispute resolution. 

Assistance in drafting contracts and due diligence in Montenegro

Among the important services offered by our attorneys in Montenegro, a foreigner can choose and work with us when it comes to preparing various types of contracts. Among these, sale-purchase agreements for real estate properties, employment contracts, distribution agreements or joint venture agreements are just a few of the types of contracts our lawyers can draft.
In the same area of the Contract Law, the lawyers in our firm can also help in vetting various types of official documents and perform due diligence procedures.
We can assist with due diligence when it comes to verifying a company before entering any legal arrangement, but we can also assist with real estate due diligence procedures when selling or buying a property in Montenegro. Our due diligence procedures will help you understand if the business you are about to enter into is a good option, or if the property you are about to buy does not have any hidden encumbrances

Tax advice and planning services

The Montenegrin Tax Law has a series of particular characteristics and regulations that must be strictly reflected in the policy of the company. The Tax Law provisions are also to be closely followed when implementing your company projects. It is advisable to employ the legal assistance of a local law firm which can ensure your company is legally prepared to function on the Montenegrin markets. 
We can help both foreign nationals and companies seeking to register new companies, among which branches and subsidiaries, and we can also help those who want to purchase shelf companies in order to start their activities as soon as possible. We can also help with the changes that can be made to these types of companies.
We remind foreign investors who want to open companies in Montenegro, that the taxes they need to pay here are some of the lowest in Europe. For example, the corporate tax rate is set at 9% if the company is a Montenegro tax resident.

Obtaining licenses and permits

The foreign investor will need to go through different procedures in order to obtain the needed permits and licenses for its activities. This process can be professionally handled by our law firm in Montenegro, which can sort out and obtain as quickly as possible the needed authorizations.  
There are various types of businesses which require applying for specific business licenses. These procedures can be lengthy and demanding if the company owner does not know how to prepare the documents required by different authorities. Our Montenegro lawyers can help you prepare the documents needed to obtain various authorizations.

Liquidation and dissolution of the company 

The decision of liquidation demands from the owner of the company a set of actions involving both creditors and state authorities. In such a case we strongly advise you to collaborate with a local law firm which can provide competent and efficient legal support.
In terms of company liquidation, we can help with the preparation of the required documents no matter if the company is terminated voluntarily or compulsory. By working with us, you will ensure the company is closed in a proper manner and avoid further unpleasant surprises. 

Why work with our law firm in Montenegro?

With a vast knowledge in various legal fields, our lawyers in Montenegro will offer targeted support in the matter you need to understand. With us, you will benefit from personalized services and quick answers to any questions you might have. Our solutions are offered after first discussing with the client about all the possible options.
Some of our services can also be accessed remotely. Among these, if you want to open a business in Montenegro, power of attorney will help us do that on your behalf. Through a power of attorney, we can also represent you before the authorities, so when you come to Montenegro, you will start the operations directly.
We invite you to contact our Montenegro lawyers in any legal issue. They will be prompt in offering trustworthy assistance in compliance with your requirements. We remind investors that we are committed to offering tailored legal consulting and services in Montenegro on various types of issues which suits the need of each and one of them.
We can also provide legal services to those who are interested in immigration to Montenegro.