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Legal Services in Montenegro

Legal Services in Montenegro

Updated on Wednesday 18th January 2017

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A successful investment in Montenegro requires specific legal procedures. Depending on your previous experience in the legal environment and in particular on how familiar you are with the local language and formalities, you might consider to employ the legal services provided by our attorneys in Montenegro. In the following you will find a description of some of these services.

Establishment of a company in Montenegro

When you intend to establish a new business in Montenegro, as a foreign investor, you need to know what options are available and which one of the existent legal forms is the one which best suits your company objectives. The procedure of establishment is a complex one, requiring the elaboration of documents and their submission to the official authorities. It is thus advisable to contract a our local law firm and to rely on our legal expertise in company formation matters.

Debt Collection in Montenegro

The situations which involve the impossibility to satisfy a debt are to be settled according to the provisions of the debtor-creditor law in Montenegro. The proceedings prior and consequent to the trial as well as the legal representation during the trial are carried out under the legal supervision of our local lawyer. 

Mergers and acquisitions

At any time of its business development, a company might be in the situation to initiate a merging or acquisition action. For a simplified procedure regarding the obtaining of the necessary documentation and for a smooth legal procedure we invite you to call on our Montenegro lawyers which will help you effectively accomplish the merging or the acquisition. 

Corporate litigations in Montenegro

In case of a legal dispute with another party your company can address a complaint in court thus initiating a litigation process. However, in order to avoid such a long and costly process, you have the option to solve your problem by a mediation or arbitration alternative procedure. Regardless of which of the cases you fall in, our law firm in Montenegro can provide its clients either court representation, or negotiation and all needed legal support in order to facilitate dispute resolution. 

Tax advice and planning services

The Montenegrin Tax Law has a series of particular characteristics and regulations that must be strictly reflected in the policy of the company. The Tax Law provisions are also to be closely followed when implementing your company projects. It is advisable to employ the legal assistance of a local law firm which can insure your company is legally prepared to function on the Montenegrin markets. 

Obtaining licenses and permits

The foreign investor will need to go through different procedures in order to obtain the needed permits and licenses for its activities. This process can be professionally handled by our law firm in Montenegro, which can sort out and obtain as quick as possible the needed authorizations.  

Liquidation and dissolution of the company 

The decision of liquidation demands from the owner of the company a set of actions involving both creditors and state authorities. In such a case we strongly advise you to collaborate with a local law firm which can provide competent and efficient legal support.
We invite you to contact our Montenegro lawyers in any legal issue. They will be prompt in offering a trustworthy assistance in compliance with your requirements.


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