Immigrate to Montenegro from Canada - Updated for 2022

Immigrate to Montenegro from Canada

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Immigrate-to-Montenegro-from-CanadaForeign citizens interested in exploring new countries and decide to to move to Montenegro will need to comply with various regulations. Considering that the country is not a member of the European Union yet, it has its own visa and residency legislation which must be respected by those coming here from EU and non-EU countries. This is also the case of those who want to immigrate to Montenegro from Canada
If you are a Canadian citizen and want to move here, you can rely on  our lawyers in Montenegro for guidance in applying for the necessary visa or residence permit, depending on your reason of coming here.

Short-term visits to Montenegro from Canada

Canadian citizens who want to travel to Montenegro for periods of less than 30 days do not need to apply for a visa. This is agreement has been reached by Montenegro with several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.
If the visit prolongs, a residence permit will be required.
If you want to move to Montenegro from Canada and need information on how to obtain a residence permit, our lawyers can provide it to you.

Long-term residence permits for Canadian citizens in Montenegro

While not all Canadian citizens plan to stay too long in Montenegro, there are also those who once arrived here decide that this country is great for their purposes. For these, the long-term residence permit is the most suitable option for legal stay.
The following residence permits are available if you want to immigrate to Montenegro from Canada for long-term stays:
  • the work visa which comes with a residence permit and it requires an employment contract with a Montenegrin business,
  • short-term residency when visiting family members can also be used for prolonging the stay here,
  • business visas are also a great option for those interested in having a company here,
  • citizenship is also available, and it can be obtained through two different ways.
Since we have mentioned business relocation from Canada to Montenegro, the most recent programs which enables foreign citizens of all countries is the Start-Up Visa. This is similar to the program launched by Canada, but with different requirements, hence it can be explained by one of our lawyers.
For those targeting Montenegrin citizenship, we are glad to announce the citizenship by investment scheme which is one of the best at European level.
 With the help of our  law firm in Montenegro,  Canadian citizens can choose any option that suits them best. However, they must know that in the case of citizenship by investment, specific amounts of money are required based on the choice of the investor.

How to move to Montenegro from Canada based on specific programs

Because the Start-Up Visa and the Golden Visa are quite sought for immigration to Montenegro, below, we will explain how to move here as a Canadian citizen under both schemes.
When it comes to the Start-Up Visa, the following requirements apply:
  • the minimum investment is 10,000 euros or the equivalent of Canadian dollars,
  • the amount of money must be invested in a company qualifying as a startup,
  • the activities permitted are research and development and real estate.
When it comes to the Golden Visa, the requirements are slightly different and imply:
  • a minimum investment of 250,000 euros in the form of real estate purchase,
  • a minimum investment of 450,000 euros in a project located in a developed zone of the country.
There are also other investment options that qualify as large investment programs which require between 2 million and 4 million euros. These target specific industries, among which wood processing, agriculture and fishing (some of the most important contributors to the economy). Moving to Montenegro this is way is one of the safest choices.
No matter the investment choice, an additional amount of 115,000 euros is required (100,000 euros is the government fee, while the 15,000 euros serves as a guarantee).
These programs can also be used for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship. Canadians relocating through them can obtain Montenegro passports in 10 years.
Our lawyers can assist you if you want to relocate to Montenegro through other means, as the citizenship by investment program was closed staring with January, 2023.

Economic relations between Montenegro and Canada

According to Canada International, the economic relations between Canada and Montenegro imply:
  • Canada recognizing Montenegro’s independence in 2006,
  • in 2018, the total trade of goods between the two states was valued at 11.8 million USD,
  • Montenegro imported goods from Canada worth 7.4 million USD in 2018,
  • when it comes to exports from Montenegro to Canada, they were valued at 4.4 million USD.
For assistance in immigrating to Montenegro from Canada, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.